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Do you also have this dilemma where you can’t read...

Do you also have this dilemma where you can’t read the book/s by the author no matter how much hyped it is/are? I have this problem and I’m here to confess—there are books by a specific author that I can’t read (even though I didn’t even have a history with them). There I say it, so now bring forth the pitchforks and torches because this will sound like blasphemy to others (especially those who are hardcore fans of these authors). I know it’s wrong to pre-judge a book without even trying (some I did try). But I really just can’t. It’s probably the hype, or something with the water I’m drinking. Or the air pollution in Metro Manila. Whatever it is, I just can’t. I just don’t know why but something in the pit of my stomach is telling me ‘no, you wouldn’t like it,’ you’re wasting your time’ and worst, ‘you’ll hate it.’ In my defense, I did try some of them. I tried. I tried so hard but I couldn’t even manage to exceed a few pages so I ultimately gave up and didn’t try again.

I tried running away from them but there were times that I tripped along the way, not with my pants like Patrick did, LOL.

So here they are; and please don’t take any offense if you love them, this is very personal and just my honest opinion.

Cassandra Clare – My gosh, she writes so many Shadow Hunter stories and that world is bound to run dry sooner rather than later. I tried City of Bones and successfully got up to 100 pages in 2 years. Yes took me two years before I made a stance and said to myself ‘enough is enough.’ I even tried Clockwork Angel (one which is highly praised by other people) but no such luck. I said ‘that’s it!’ her books are not meant for me.

James Patterson – At least I know one of the reasons why I wouldn’t touch his bajillion books with a ten-foot pole: they’re so many!!!! And I see his book everywhere! Plus, I don’t know something about the vibe of the books that don’t appeal to me.

John Green – I know he’s so popular. So popular that every time I log into my GR account and read my timeline someone is reading his novel. And with all these The Fault in Our Star movie (see, I even know the news, thanks to its very massive fandom) news, it’s really hard not to notice the existence of his books. Based on the reaction it sounded like a great story with all these profound lessons in life and love. I get it, but I just can’t. For no exact reason, I don’t have the will to try. I’m not even considering reading it (for the reason even myself doesn’t know). I don’t know but I can’t read anything by John Green.

Sarah Dessen – Ok, I tried her book, I don’t know which one, maybe it was Along for the Ride. I totally forgot which one. Anyway, I only went as far as 20 pages (or less) before I called quits. I’d been very hesitant even before I decided to try. Guess my instinct was right. So I’m not trying anything by her anymore. Her books’ covers are so lovely although that didn’t even convince me to try again.

Stephen King – I’m not sure but I’m not really the biggest fan of very, very, very Sci-Fi novels. Or hardcore stories for that matter.

Somewhat Hesitant:

I haven’t read anything by J.K. Rowling although I’m still very open to read Harry Potter books…one day. Neil Gaiman is also one I try to evade for the longest time but not permanently closing my door. And of course, Jane Austen. Ms. Austen books are part of my goal this year. Emma has been waiting in the bookshelf for two years. Soon, I tell it. Soon.


How about you, do you have the same problem like me? Or it just me (hopefully not)? Do you have auto-not-read book because of the authors. Please share it with me if you have so I don’t really feel alone with this predicament. T.T