Author: Rachel Hawkins
Series: (Hex Hall #3)
Published: March 13th 2012 by Hyperion Book CH

I’ll take this opportunity to say my piece about this series since I didn’t have the chance to write anything about the first two books (because I was lazy). All in all, the Hex Hall series is one of the most refreshing books I have ever read. Where the protagonist—Sophie Mercer really deserves to be the main lead. The combination of humor and sarcasm work so well. There’s right balance of romance, fantasy and hilarity. One of those rare occasions where I’m not rooting any of the boys because Sophie, just her alone, made my reading experience worthwhile.

Then the final book came.

I’m sad. Really sad. A bit disappointed. But mostly sad. And not only because someone just died.

Spell Bound is the final book of this series and it was bittersweet moment for me. I’m happy for Sophie and the gang but I’m completely thwarted by the book’s direction. I’m little confused with the route it went. It wasn’t exhilarating being it as the finale. It was just ok. Not that I wanted drastic events to happen. Maybe I was hoping that height of the story has more impact, because the conclusion honestly didn’t left huge impression on me. The only surprise was Cal. Maybe the right thing to say is ‘what had happened to him.’ And now I’m sad again.

**Now let me talk about Cal briefly. And if you haven’t read this book, stop right now because I’m about to blurt out some details that if you’re a Cal fan will slice your heart in half.**

“Cal, any role you were after?” I asked him, and he looked ruefully at the craggy rock looming over us. As he did, there was the grinding sound of stone against stone. We all stared at the opening that appeared.
I’m just hoping to be the Not Dead Guy,” Cal muttered.

Is it wrong that I laughed when I read this? I actually know what happened to him way before I read it (I read spoilers). It’s just so ironic… 🙁

Anyhoo, I liked Cal. But like I said, I’m not rooting anyone. Whomever Sophie chooses, I’m ok with it. And to be perfectly honest, Archer is actually nice. But if I were to choose, I probably have small penchant to the guy who can heal. So that said, I’m so sad that he died. And not because I liked him for Sophie, it’s pretty evident who Sophie likes. But he didn’t have to die. Not really. I wasn’t hurt the way I was when Ren (Nightshade) died. But I deemed it…pointless. In hindsight, I probably would have liked if he wasn’t built up as another love interest. Because I can see potential, he had a proper characterization, just needed some boosting up. But up until his last breath, it was all for Sophie. I’m sad about wasting his character more than his death. Now, he’s a ghost (no, really he is. And I wish he didn’t return as a wandering spirit. I liked he died a hero and no more after that. It just made his death sadder).

The ending was ok. It was sort of happy. Her parents are ok. She’s the lady boss of Hecate. Her friend and boyfriend are with her. It wrapped quite nicely. I’m not complaining is just that it seems too…nice. Convenient. Nonetheless it was ok and I’m somehow contented with it.