Title: Spirit Bound
Author: Richelle Mead
Series: (Vampire Academy #5)
Pages: 489

Ever since I decided to post my opinions of books that I read (I still cringe to word ‘review’ because I can even consider mine as), I always caught myself mentally listing the things I notice, actually, it’s more of the things that frustrate me, or makes me giddy, but for most parts, things that irritates me. It’s somehow lose the appeal, sometimes I regret doing this at all. But, I don’t think I can contain myself if I didn’t say anything (not everything is negative you know) and believe it or not, and although I don’t have that much confidence with my writing, I can express myself more in writing than saying out loud. I’m introvert, if you didn’t already know that.

Rose failed to kill Dimitri and he failed to turned her. And because of this he is hunting her. He even sent her letters telling that he’s personally will kill her. Rose is tormented with the fact the person he loves the most is about to kill her and the tiny hope that he can be save. But she chose to cling to the possibility that he can be save. And the only person who knows how to do it is related to Victor. The guy who threaten Lissa’s life, the one they put in prison in the first place. But she took a risk and tried to escape him out of prison. They successfully did, and they met Victor’s half brother, Robert and he told them how to restore a person who turned into a strigoi. But the catch is, only a person who is a spirit user can do it. Rose dismissed the idea, because she doesn’t want to put Lissa in danger. But Dimitri caught Christian and Lissa and used them as bait, she did what she needs to do. Rose went there and fought him. And in the midst of fighting, Lissa tried to save him, and she did it. Dimitri is now, once again a dhampir. Rose thought this is the end of her dilemma but not until the biggest crime happened. The queen was murdered and the evidences are all pointing to her. She is the suspect.

What can I say about this book? Pretty much the same as the last one. I was kinda disappointed with some things. Dimitri for example, you know how I’m so frustrated with him being a strigoi and in on the process lose all his charm. Well, now that he’s back, a dhampir again, I still feel a little lost and strangely, don’t like him anymore. Yeah, I know. These feelings kinda reminded me of Nash. I love Nash in book one and two, then book three came, the frost that came between Kaylee and him. He lost it — completely. This is exactly how I felt right now. I don’t know if there’s a way for his character to redeem everything (oh, no, I’m not talking about the redemption he is talking; I mean his character per se) and be back to the way it was. I can take everything especially if I really, really like the character. But this one, I don’t see it anymore. Too bad, he’s kinda growing on me then book four happened and now… well, gone.

Ok, see after the fourth book ends, I’m still not getting the idea of Rose and Adrian as a couple. At the start of book five, Rose decided to try dating Adrian. And I can’t believe how this guy is head over heels with Rose. How he is willing to give up his vices for her. I mean come on. No, I’m not saying I’m ok with smoking and drinking, but the guy does it for a reason not because he just wants to get wasted. He did it for her, even if the spirits can drown his insanity. Come one, girl where can you find a guy like this? He’s too good for you. And you’re right, you’re not worthy. Am I now wearing my ‘I love Adrian’ shirt? No, sadly I’m still not, I like him now more than Dimitri, but he hasn’t completely captivated me… yet. But if you ask me if I’m riding the sinking S.S. Adrian? Hell, yeah.

Wow, this might sound weird but Lissa, I think I kinda like her here. How? She’s the one who brought Dimitri back to his old self. She finally has a backbone here and I like how she wanted to get rid of people’s perception that she’s weak, helpless. Atta, girl! That’s more like it. Well, Christian is still Christian. His character highlight was probably on book three. And I’m already happy that he had his moments, though few but asking for more won’t hurt, lol. Just saying.

Ohhh, Abe. The guy is freaking awesome. Can I exchange my father because I so wanted him to be mine. No offense dad, lulz. He’s so cool especially at the end of the book when he represents Rose in the trial. Yeah, he isn’t an attorney but damn right he can take Rose off hook (how? Better read the last book). I like the small talk (although it wasn’t elaborated… but I’m pretty much imagined what) between him and Adrian. Way to go to torture her daughter’s suitor. Some wicked and totally cool father. I want one!!!

As far as the story goes some parts are really boring and sometimes I’m skipping especially the ones I find ridiculous and unnecessary. Overall it’s ok, I think I already said what I wanted… and I think I forgot some of them… haha.