Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii shares her small know-hows on purchasing digital manga!

I’m sharing to y’all my experience on buying digital manga. sparkle_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51re35 And yes, this is legit guys so don’t worry (no hocus pocus I swear!). However, and unfortunately for some of us who isn’t fluent in Japanese, the manga titles are completely in Japanese. sweatdrops And the website, as you have already guessed by now is also entirely in Japanese. So yeah that’s the biggest gripe there, nonetheless for those of you who don’t mind or like reading raws/comfortable reading in Japanese but don’t want to pay hefty shipping fee, this is a good alternative.

I buy both printed & digital manga from First, let’s do some brief touch based on print manga: based on my experience their SAL method is OK-ish. (EMS I haven’t tried—because it is subject to customs hence expensive fees so nope, not gonna happen! pissed) I did lose a package from them although I was more dubious of our PO system than them. It’s a little erratic of when is safe to buy (at least on my case) because some blogs/forums I read cautioned us not to buy on holidays, but I bought during Golden Week and my package arrived in two weeks, faster than the other times. So all in all honto is still a great store for me.  I still prefer buying from them instead of CDJapan—which is in English and quite OK, although SAL took too much time to arrive. (This is great alternative though I find their shipping fee a tad bit steep. And I know they also offer digital editions but I have no desire to try it out.) But when it comes in bulk, YesAsia is my guy (read my review here)! wink

You can google search on how to sign up on honto, but please be aware that you need a Japanese address in order to process your purchases, otherwise you can’t buy anything (unless you’re from JP and JP card holder). And yes, they do accept international card (all my purchases went smoothly, no mishaps or anything like it so I think that’s safe to say).

This is how my digital library (ライブラリ) looks like. I’m quite aware of the number of shoujo & josei series in there. I mean you shouldn’t be surprised because it’s heavily reflected on my WOMRL? post. Right? sign_emoji_03__thumbs_up__by_jerikuto-d7243cs

Now, I told you I lost a package, right? This is the reason why I decided to try their eBooks. I wasn’t totally on board with it but there are series I just like to just finish it and don’t want a copy shelved in our house (because you know limited space of the urban lifestyle) I decided to try it out. I downloaded their e-reader for Windows® & tried downloading their Android app for Samsung Galaxy Tab but unfortunately they don’t support devices that are not in JP…I think? (banner pic above is for aesthetic purposes only, please be advised! I wonder if I go to Japan & download the app will it work…?) But I don’t have any problem with my Windows® reader (as you can see in my digital library screenshot above) and it runs efficiently. If you are used to buying eBooks let’s say via KOBO or Amazon, same thing applies: just add to cart, pay and it’ll automatically reflect on your library.

Kuroko no Basket
Print Book! + eBook! YAY!

I’d  say honto is a very generous store. They have point system in every purchases, discount coupons (I receive this on a regular basis it’s ridiculous already whistling but please don’t stop, I love receiving those!) but the best of all, free manga! Yes, you’ve read it right it’s FREE. (most of my latest hoards are, er…yeah I’m an unabashed tsundoku confirmed!). I’m quite satisfied with honto but I still want to try other store, like but I’m a big KOBO fan so I don’t have Kindle (they have app too, I know). And I’m not sure if international downloads are even allowed. I haven’t read any reviews/guides of it. On the other hand, I read from a blog post that is so much better (a thorough guide of ebookjapan here, thank you!) I was browsing their selections and they’re tiny bit cheaper than honto. And so if I ever cave in and try my way in that pain-in-the-ass registration then I’ll tell you guys, too. I really am interested to try but not too soon though.

(I know English Language distributors like Crunchyroll & Viz Media also offer simulpub for premium members and some of their titles are free to read but geographical restrictions and the sheesh. So yeah, not for me unluckily.)

And that’s about it! How about you? Do you buy digital manga? If you do, where do you buy it? And if you haven’t tried, are you interested in buying? Please share your opinions with me! heart_emoji_by_kawaiiprincess2-d51re77


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  1. Paul Huynh says:

    I don’t buy digital manga… instead I just read it off MangaFox and borrow the books from my library??
    I find that buying manga books themselves are way too expensive (I live in Australia so shipping usually costs more than the order itself -.-) so I don’t tend to buy books, but I buy various merch like the Fairy Tail Pop! Vinyls which are REALLY cute (recommended). Tokyo Ghoul Pop Vinyls are next on the list! (I think they exist? I remember seeing them somewhere around on the internet?)
    I’m going to Japan in September, though, so I plan to splurge at BookOff
    ( ̄▽ ̄)
    Can’t wait!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I also do read online but I want to support the manga industry even in my own little way. But because I’m a cheapo I buy digital manga (aside from it’s forcing me to seriously study JP) but for favorites I have it shipped here in the Philippines. I stayed in Australia for two months and find the books prices to be little too expensive than the ones we have here ($18??? No way!!!) I’m not big fan of merchandise so I don’t really buy them, just manga and DVDs for me. Ah~ you’re going to Japan, too? I’m planning to go there this year as well. I hope we have great time there! <3

    • I do want to support the manga industry, but I don’t think I’ve done enough of that, so I’m going to full on just chuck cash at the woman behind the register of a book store when I get to Japan XD Are you going by yourself? I’m going as part of a school exchange tour thingy

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Honestly me too! That’s why in any way, little it maybe, I still do my part! Haha, that’s awesome! I might be going with my sisters since they want to tag along. Nope, I’m going there are as tourist only. 😀

  2. Mark Bacera says:

    Awesome post!
    When you a manga digitally are you able to access the file (like as a png, jpg, etc)?
    The reason I ask is because I’d like to access the file in order to photoshop the file—color them, edit them, and do other random picture manipulation…

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thanks Mark. As far as I know, no, I don’t have access to it. Print screen is also disabled except the main library interface. ;D

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