Fiction / In which Mitchii explains why she doesn't hate spoilers! And yes we exist!
I love reading spoilers before I read the new chapter, especially for Tokyo Ghoul:re. It was never once deter me from completely enjoying the chapters.

Sometimes you came across tidbits from your favorite series that still haven’t consumed by others yet. Often than not this unwanted information elicit raged from fans who don’t like to know it beforehand. I’m not one of those people. If you ever spoiled me I’m not gonna get mad. I’m not even gonna reprimand you. I’m not gonna do anything other than scour for more information. Yes, people I ain’t scared of spoilers. 13

I truly understand why most fans don’t like getting spoiled. They want to take the piece of story as a first timer and consumed in its pristine, untainted manner. To them knowing beforehand minimizes enjoyability. However, those same reasons have opposite effect on me. The more I know what will happen the more excited I am to read/watch it. Knowing is so different than experiencing it. Even though I know what will happen, the experience or how I digest it piece by piece is always different and very exclusive.

Getting a just a tiny piece of info (no matter how important it is) is so different than consuming it as a whole. I’ve always been the type of person who often enjoys things as a whole than liking only specific parts. And to me spoilers are a very different of kind of consumption. To me it’s a means to an end and not the end itself. I would never be bothered by getting spoiled. However, I know some people don’t appreciate spoilers so I decided to be very cautious about it in their behalf. The good part is most of what I read these days aren’t totally “popular” or just people of my TL don’t know, hence even if I share information no one knows about it.9 But I tried to write it vaguely or labeled it as spoilers.

I have no one to share my enjoyment. (Yes, it’s sad, sad world for a bookworm/otaku girl like me) I only have social media as my outlet (and my blog, but not everything is worth the verbal vomit). So I don’t like getting berated over how I use my social media. I feel like I’m deprived of an avenue for my thoughts when in honesty I only want to fangirl. 3 I’m not those types of fans who spoiled people for the sake of it. I fangirl because I’m happy with what I’ve just read.

I think my immunity to spoilers was rooted of being an anime & manga fan. Years ago I used to hang out on forums talking about spoilers or the new chapters. We weren’t afraid of getting spoiled. In fact spoilers ignited discussion and when the official chapters were out discussion was elaborated even more. We also do predictions and such, and it’s always nice to see how people thought of the story. And this trend still happens ‘til now. It’s nice how things were interpreted differently. Spoilers aren’t exactly frown upon. Yes, I know some are still cautious but it’s not entirely off-limits on this side of my fandom. Plus, you knew how much I love re-reading. Therefore the newness isn’t a huge factor of my enjoyment so it really doesn’t bother me at all.

But as a final note, I think it all mounted to respect. Some people take it differently. Some are not OK with it. Some are fine with it like me! But I just like to point out that there are people like me who are absolutely ain’t scared of spoilers. Rare breed of fan? I think not! 19

How about you; what’s your take on spoilers? Nay or Yay?! Love ‘em or hate ‘em? (or depends on the series?) Care to share your thoughts with me!~ 22