Can you believe it? It’s been a month since these new anime have started. And do you know what it means? Yep, time to do my first impression.

I’ve been slacking pretty badly here considering I even went to great lengths of overhauling the site. Ha! Talk about procrastination but oh well. ^^; But I’ll give you quick rundown of what I thought of the latest series I’ve been giving so much attention to these days!


Of course I absolutely loved it. It’s kinda a breath of fresh air to see all these wackos we called the Gintama cast doing their usual shenanigans. I’ve been missing the bathroom jokes since the manga has been serious ever, after it marked its 500th chapter. Glad to see them all in their usual silliness!

Ore Monogatari!!『俺物語!!

Aaaaah~! Super happy with this show and so far I like the treatment Madhouse is giving to it. The animation is superb. At first I didn’t like Yamato’s voice; it was too cute for my taste. But I’m getting used to it. This is one shoujo manga I will definitely recommend to those who want a very good shoujo minus the tiring tropes we usually get from it. It’s not because of Takeo’s look but what’s the story is all about. And also the bromance between Suna & Takeo is a must see!!!

Shokugeki no Souma『食戟のソーマ; 食戟之灵』

Isn’t the opening song, Kibou no Uta so addicting? I liked Ore Monogatari’s OP song better though. But the song kinda stuck to me after a while. Ah~ I had prepared myself for all fanservice stuff that will happen. Honestly it doesn’t give too much to the grand scheme of the plot scheme. I think the story, the characters, and of course the dishes that the show is serving (no pun intended) every episode make up for it. But I’m not gonna lie abs, abs and some abs doesn’t hurt. *winks* And yes, I finally caught with the manga after bajilion time thanks to the boost the anime gave me.

Owari no Seraph『終わりのセラ

Unbelievably, this is the anime I am completely now hooked on. I marathoned the manga for two days and I’m craving for more. Like those blood suckers that are the main antagonist of the story—or are they? It’s from WIT Studio same animation house that did Attack on Titan. Some say they feel an AoT vibe from the series. I, on one hand, am confused with all the comparison. Honestly, it feels more like Ao no Exorcist/D Gray Man to me. Some also say that it was mediocre at best. I beg to disagree; I like the groups: human, vampires, and demons share thin line between good & evil.

Arslan Senki 『アルスラーン戦

Not into high fantasy and so far I kinda neglected the latest episode so I need to catch up on that. But I was super intrigued by it because Hiromu Arakawa—the brilliant brain behind Fullmetal Alchemist was the one responsible for it (it’s kinda a reboot not really her original idea & no wonder some look like the characters from the latter series). So far the animation was good. I don’t know which one behind it; it wasn’t as spectacular as would’ve hoped but its pretty good regardless. Let see if it managed to break through my high-fantasy-fuzzy barrier.

I still have Kuroko no Basket as my Winter leftover. To see them as middle schoolers was definitely a treat. Too bad it only lasted 4 episodes. D: