Title: Starcrossed
Author: Josephine Angelini
Series: (Starcrossed #1)
Published: May 2011 by HarperTeen

It took me longer than I thought. I never expected to finish it in two days. Normally I can finish it in a day, especially if I really, really like the story. Less than 500 pages is a piece of cake, not to brag or anything, lol. But I find the first half of this book really boring, the story moves so slow, really slow. I was whining, complaining to Sarah how long this book is, and how come I’m still not halfway the book. The earlier parts are truly dragging and repetitive as well.

When Helen first saw Lucas Delos she had a strange animosity towards him. She didn’t know why but she hates him, but at the same time they can’t stay away from each other. And it didn’t help that people starting rumors about her and Lucas. And worst, girls hate her for apparently snagging the cutest guy in school. But when strangers started attacking her, Lucas was the one saving her and at one time they save each other’s lives. When this happened, their hate towards each other had vanished, and she wondered why. As it turned out she is a demigod, and so is Lucas. According to Lucas’ relatives, there are four houses, one from Zeus, one from Aphrodite, Poseidon and Apollo. And the one house that’ll stand among the four in this endless fighting brought by the Fates will have immortality and power (?) to revive (rise) Atlantis. So this is the reason why they hate each other’s guts but when they saved each other their debt had been paid and the hate is gone. But even they don’t hate each other any longer they can’t still be together. Lucas and Helen can’t be together. It’s like repeating history, they’re be like doing the exact same thing that happened years, and years ago that started the great Trojan War.

The beginning for me is the worst part, I don’t understand it. At all. No kidding, it was all blurred; I dimly remember everything I read so far. So the next day when I continued reading it, I was lost, I didn’t know what’s happening. But I’m too lazy to go back, and so I decided to move on and thought that the details will come as I read it. Well, it did… eventually. Though I was bit skeptical with Starcrossed’s concept of demigods. They are no where near Percy Jackson, and it wasn’t fun and clever as well. And honestly, I’m not familiar with Helen of Troy and I didn’t bother to check it first… maybe if I did, I wouldn’t be entirely confused. I can’t seem to connect anything, so maybe, just maybe, the reason why I find it hard to digest the information was because it was all new to me, when I should’ve have at least have a vague idea on what’s going on.

One of the reason I wanted to read it is because of Greek mythology. And my experiences so far were a blast. I have fun reading those books. So I was expecting a bit of that, and bit of the romance since people are raving about it. But I’ll hold that thought for a minute, and I want to discuss about the mythology used in this book. Like I said, it’s Helen of Troy-esque, with random bits of Greek mythology thrown in. I find the concept perplexing, especially the restoring the Atlantis thing. Well, I didn’t like it, so it’s kinda hard for me to sink in the idea. But that said, it was ok. It was somehow a nice twist of the popular mythology, although I preferred the alterations Rick Riordan did in his book, as well as Aimee Carter’s.

I like the characters, I think the reason I was willing to give it a bit higher rating was because of the characters. While I’m not a big fan of Helen as the heroine, she’s not entirely bad. I admit, there are times she annoyed me, especially the part where she’s insisting Lucas to make his move. Lucas on the other hand is restraining his feelings for her, even if it’s so obvious that he like her. You know i-like-her-but-i-can’t, get it? But that said, she completely redeemed her character at the ending when she stood her ground in front of Lucas family, and to Lucas as well. I’m glad she’s not the type of girl who revolves her world around a guy. Lucas is ok. He’s nice and… well, he’s just nice. There are instances where I was bored with him but he’s not completely empty; he has a bit of personality. The character I like the most is Hector. At first, I was really confused and scared of him. He stalked and threatening, as in threatening Helen. But after what happen to her and Lucas, his family gradually warming up on her, he became an interesting guy. And no, he isn’t the ‘other guy’ …at least not yet anyway. I just, I don’t know, there’s something in him that I can point my finger on that made him so interesting. I kinda feel sad about what happened to him at the end of the book but that thing will sure ignite something that I was hoping for. Well, that’s my guess.

I didn’t like the romance that much. Yeah, they’re like star-crossed lover, they like each other but can’t be together. But I don’t know I was neither empathetic nor floored on how their relationship developed. It was… ok.

Even though I find the plot a bit strange and confusing, when the story was wrapping up I was sort of hooked, and excited to find out what’s going to happen. I just didn’t like the story was dragged on with unnecessary events and redundant information. I think it’ll be fine it was put together concisely (I am not sure, can’t really explain). But I find that the book could be more enjoyable if it wasn’t stretched that long, or if it’s going to be, they didn’t need to repeat situations that happen over, and over in the book. They can’t pitch in a different event, the ‘training’ and ‘attacking’ scenes were used too much. Well that’s just my preference. But overall, it was ok.