Author: Phoebe North
Series: (Starglass #1)
Published: July 23rd 2013
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Categories: Fantasy, Science Fiction,Young Adult
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Synopsis: Terra has never known anything but life aboard the Asherah, a city-within-a-spaceship that left Earth five hundred years ago in search of refuge. At sixteen, working a job that doesn’t interest her, and living with a grieving father who only notices her when he’s yelling, Terra is sure that there has to be more to life than what she’s got.

But when she inadvertently witnesses the captain’s guard murdering an innocent man, Terra is suddenly thrust into the dark world beneath her ship’s idyllic surface. As she’s drawn into a secret rebellion determined to restore power to the people, Terra discovers that her choices may determine life or death for the people she cares most about. With mere months to go before landing on the long-promised planet, Terra has to make the decision of a lifetime–one that will determine the fate of her people.

Review: I remember I featured this book on a meme and one commenter told me that she didn’t like it. I took the comment in consideration and was quite apprehensive when I read this. It turned out that the caution was warranted because I ended up not loving the book. That said, it wasn’t all a bad read and while I expected more despite the warning what I got is plenty enough.

Terra is living in a spaceship called Ashera. It’s acity-within-a-spaceship’ with people from Jewish heritage living in it. It is a tradition in this place that by the time they are sixteen, they we’re going to look for their partners.  She was asked by Koen and she accepted his proposal. Everything seems to be going on smoothly until she found out something about the spaceship’s management, her father and even Koen’s real identity. With this information on her she decided to put the matters on her hands. But what if the person she thought that brought injustice to her family wasn’t the one? And the real people behind it are lurking in the shadows waiting for their time.

It’s a little complicated for me. I didn’t know that this book is heavily influenced by Jewish culture. I was thrust immediately into it when I bumped into some Jewish words. Having no knowledge about it, I was caught off guard. Good thing that it was perfectly explained and I sort of understood what the words mean. I wish that little important tidbit was included in the summary instead of what I think is a very spoilery fact (that she has witnessed the captain of the guard murdering someone). And speaking of the summary, I don’t know about you guys but it gave me this action-feel type of expectations. I thought it’s going to have explosive conspiracy that will shock the readers to the core. But nope, I didn’t feel any; even as I have reached the climax and it revealed the real villain? of this book I’m still wasn’t shocked—for the lack of better term—with the revelation.

The romance wasn’t good for me either. At first she liked Koen and he even asked her hand in marriage. Sounds good, amiright? But I really feel that Koen wasn’t into her so when it was revealed who he really liked, I wasn’t surprised at all. Unexpected but wasn’t surprised. I think it was only her who thought about them together, kind of one side relationship but without the real emotion from Terra to back it up. So it was falling apart from the very beginning. With her failed relationship with Koen and the thing she has discovered, she came up of a plan of marrying the next captain, Silvan Rafferty and kill him. But then there was a twist that made her question her decision. And then there’s a guy appearing on her dreams. Who is this guy? Honestly, there are just too many going on in there. I just don’t which is one is which; so it was hard for me to invest in any of the characters because they sort of confused me hence not connecting to them at all.

Needless to say, it was entertaining although I almost DNF it because the beginning took so slow to reel. But once I picked up the pace and I began to see the picture and I sort of pushed myself to continue. And you know what, they are right; there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just not sure whether it is bright enough for me to read the sequel.

Preview Quote: You didn’t choose it. They took away your choice.” — Koen