I’m a huge fan of diary. Ever since I was in elementary school I already kept a diary to take down notes about what happened to me: from big events (big for 10-year old kid mind you) to totally mundane things like new anime to watch (yes, I’m an otaku ever since…EVER!). I managed collect several diaries from I was a kid til HS. But when I got into university my interest dwindled aside from my schedule was pretty much unsteady (some days I have classes in the morning, sometimes afternoons til evening). I was way too tired to keep up with it. Later I started bulleting things through an organizer (pic below; the only thing I managed to salvage from the 5 times we moved). But when I started getting a little active online I was introduced to livejournal and dreamwidth. I went digital & I never looked back—til now! 😉


My very old tattered little organizer. Just in case you can’t read the date above, it says December, 2003. ;D

But nowadays people are expressing their interest on doing things traditionally. Coloring (I will try to post about it soonish~), art, and now journals. I wanted to start a diary again. I’ve been wanting to start early last year but I was always preoccupied apart I’m just naturally lazy, haha. My solution, yep, to download an app. I’m using Journey, a diary app available @ google playstore. And I’ve constantly (as in no fail) writing for almost half a year now and it gives me peace of mind whenever I poured all my day’s worries activities. Writing my feelings down is really therapeutic. Writing to my diary for me is like praying. I pray to God through a diary. It had been and will always be like this. To speak to God daily is an amazing, refreshing feeling.


As much as I wanted to share you the progress, it’s way too personal for you to read so um, ah blank page it is.

But I haven’t written longish paragraphs for quite some time now that my hand gets tired easily so that’s why I use an app instead (oh yes, it’s way convenient for me to type than it is to write). But I was introduced to Bullet Journal! 😆 It’s so creative, neat and simple (me thinks). I like this whole journal/organizer/scrapbook feel to it. Last month, I looked around for stuff to jazz up my journal, mini washi tapes, colored pens! I even stumble across some lovely free printables online that make more exited for everything. Oh, and I made one for myself too! Aaaah~ I’m excited to completely fill this one out!

(Although that being said I’m still keeping my digital diary because it has now become habit of mine. But scribbling down my day’s event in traditional way is sure loads of fun.) 😀

How about you? Do you keep a journal? What made you decide to keep one? What’s your favorite thing about it~! Tell me guys, I’m quite excited here! 😛


6 Responses to Starting the year right!

  1. Kezia liemen says:

    I don’t write journals these days but I used to have a diary when I was younger. I was a diligent writer back then xD so many people seem to be doing the bullet journal thing! I really want to, but i’m already accustomed to listing the things I need to do on my phone ><

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s me! I rely too much on my phone these days even journals. But I want to do it traditionally so I hope this will work. xD

  2. Liv says:

    AHH traditional diaries are so nostalgic! When I was baptized last summer I was given a diary to record my progress in my faith and I noticed other people doing it. But I can’t write very long paragraphs and it’s tough for me to take notes! Over the holidays a few weeks ago I actually spent every day writing in a notebook my prayers to God and He answered me, so I do believe it’s not only therapeutic but it also puts our best interests down so that we can hold ourselves accountable!

    So I really like the idea of a bullet journal! It makes things prettier and more fun. 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      It is such an amazing feeling to pray to God, I know He understands everything I said, and knowing that lifts up my spirit instantaneously. Diary for me is like praying, I address my stories, concerns to God; He listens and understand me completely. Wow, that’s wonderful that you got baptized last summer. I’m glad that you followed the Lord’s teachings. Bullet journals are easier to handle for people like us who are not used to writing that much, haha. xD

  3. ahh yes journals! I have one too but it’s so hard to keep writing in it because I get really lazy 😛 That’s actually one of my new year’s resolutions is to keep my journal up to date so that 50 years from now, I can look back the stuff I did during 2015-2016 haha. Colored pens and washi tapes are the best! I love using them to make my journal cute.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m lazy too and I rely too much on my phone that I do everything with it. T^T Yes, I never see them important before but now I can see why! They do make our journals cute! xD

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