I didn’t prepare anything special for this month, in fact I kinda forgot about it until I was quickly typing up my little birthday post (which I have to publish later I guess); I realized this month’s also my blog’s birthday! *face palm* But I moved on from the schedules (which I was praising for many years as my ultimate blogging arsenal) so the forgetful person that I am, it totally slipped off of my mind! Yikes 😳 but better late than never!

Last year, I redesigned (that didn’t last even a yearβ€”and I had to code it from the ground up!) and I also sum up a whole decade of blogging. But like I said here, the whole situation changed my mindset when it comes to blogging. I wanna it to be as effortlessly as possible. No more, scheds, no more photo sesh (maybe sometimes when I feel like doing it; maybe the post is special?), just complete spontaneous blogging mojo! And I love it!

Being in this kind of blogging that doesn’t mean I am in love with it less. I thinkβ€”to be totally frankβ€”this way allows me to love it more because it doesn’t feel like a chore anymoreβ€”contrary to what I said that blogging before was easy, it still took effort and time, and less be real, laziness hits me in wrong time & place. And then the pandemic happened, and it caught me in limbo and I have reassessed what do I really want to do with the blog. My mind respond with “let’s start clean, but not forgetting the past” that’s why I still didn’t delete all my previous posts!

Ah, ✨ eleven years ✨ are plenty many! And I’m proud of this blog! I think I’m thriving well despite the whole lot of change in the internet landscape. My blog is still here vibin in its little quiet place in this vast online space!