Anime, Regular / In which Mitchii shares her brief two cents over the anime she watched this season!

Summer came with a bang then fizzled out a bit? Even though I did love a couple series, my expectations were pretty high before the season started so I was little bit sad that some felt lackluster towards the end. And that was due to few reasons that I’d rather mention individually! 13 So here goes nothing!

Mob Psycho 100 – no qualms whatsoever! I was pretty much excited every time I watched this series. One of the only two that I was actually anticipating the updates! I love the manga and I love the anime equally! Thank you Bones, you saved the season yet again!

Amaama to Inazuma – I loved this series! It always made so warm inside! Every episode, regardless of the evident pattern of the plot I felt the earnestness of what the series wanted the watchers to feel. (Something for me so hard to pull off when this genre is saturated with artificial plot devices!) And oh boy did I feel! The feels were felt right in the kokoro! LOL Mad hats to this series that make me appreciate life in general.

Shokugeki no Soma – You know what even though the beginning felt super rushed, the momentum did grow on me and later on didn’t feel that anymore. I was glad that they managed to include the stagiaire arc (you know Shinomiya-shifu~ <3) because I loved Shinomiya and Soma’s interactions. Overall a pretty solid (sans the start) series for me! (I’m not sure if S3 is possible because I love to see Tsukasa + rest of Elite 10!!!)

D-Gray Man – It was OK. I even read the series because oh hell I was confused what’s happening to DGM after the original anime series ended. I did reread it from time to time but the pacing and just the evolution of the series is chaotic and unsteady for me. So the anime could’ve done better job refreshing if it developed these arcs in a slower pace. Oh well, still good but not as a good as the original!


Handa-Kun – this series is like crack; like the comedy weren’t hilarious, hilarious, but I was still eager to watch it and find the whole gang (the Handa- Force) to be interesting fellas hence why I still so glued to the series! The transition from manga to anime wasn’t as funny as I thought it’d be; still good nonetheless!

Fukigen no Mononokean – I liked this series. Like a lot! But when I was ranking my best of the best this season, it felt like it didn’t belong to the upper half. I don’t know why. It was good, I was entertained but something felt off. But as a whole I liked it!

ReLIFE – well, I love the web comic! And I think I must’ve said my piece already here!

91 Days – like the season turned out: started with a bang but fizzled out as it progressed! I don’t know, it just didn’t sustain the hype and the story is muddled beyond recognition…I’m not even sure what I’m now saying!

Cheer Danshi! – I didn’t include this in my original list but dropping Hatsukoi Monster left me one series open and tried this one (along with Servamp which I didn’t like) out. First 5 episodes was exciting but the second half left me oh so meh about it. For something that it’s cheer-leading/dancing, there weren’t a lot of it! More life drama than cheering—and that really disappointed me!


Orange – Sad to say this one is bit frustrating to watch? And it feels that every time I say something negative about this series people are judging me, haha. No really, I don’t completely empathize with the characters. I know it was supposed to be an emotional series but it felt cold to me. As if saying ‘you should be tearing up’ or ‘you should feel connected’ alas I wasn’t because it was forcing me to feel and not sincerely delivering that. Not my fave as you can see! can’t find a decent ending song cap so here opening it is! ETA: © to TMS Entertainment not Square Enix, sorry ^^;)

Sneak Peek of my 2016 Autumn/Fall Line-Up!

  • 3-gatsu no Lion – I love Chika Umino’s Hachmitsu to Clover so hells yeah I’m gonna watch this one. Although this is one hella different from H&C, and it is of different demographic too (this guys is seinen). I think I’m quite curious how Umino’sensei pulled an emotional, shogi centric story!
  • Ajin 2nd Season – I read the manga so yes I’m curious on how they’ll animate it. I just have to bear the CG again, do I?
  • Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season – Half of my list are sequels which essentially not a bad thing especially for Bungou Stray Dogs since I loved the battle that happened between them, with Port Mafia against The Guild!
  • Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou – 10 episodes, just the whole match I supposed.
  • Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – I need something like Amaama to Inazuma and this looks like it? I haven’t read the series and totally basing my hunch on its synopsis!
  • Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – I love the manga so I was so happy that it finally have an anime! I think they can make scenes more chaotic & hilarious in the anime. Before I was just wishing it to get green-lit but behold here it comes! So excited!!! One of my fave reverse harem series! (maybe after Ouran)

Maybe I’ll watch Occultic;Nine because it soundss interesting. And perhaps I’ll check out Yuri!!! on Ice too although my expectations is low because I have ice skating manga like Ginban Kishi & Ice Forest to compare it to and the trailer didn’t look all too appealing like these two are. Oh well! 15

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