It’s time you cool kids for me to wrap-up summer and welcome my most anticipated shows for fall! It’s pretty strong season still, despite me bemoaning in every given opportunity about how incomparable it is to last year’s line-up. Some of these shows will end next week but I decided to post this because I’m inclined to forget about it and I don’t want to do this when I’m already watching the autumn line-up. So yeah, I’m rambling right now!

Last notes for Summer 2015

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime — it was announced that it has a second cour to be aired in January so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m happy watching this series, in addition that I finally able to read the manga thanks to motivation this anime had given me. But I’m salty about the animation because compare to the artwork of the manga (or the studio’s other works), the anime was little unsteady/mediocre for my taste. You could do better than this BONES, you left moi down. 😛

Aoharu x Kikanjuu — this needs a new season. I’m quite happy that a “certain” character was introduced; meaning that it’s important to show him to the audience? Is that what it was? Because I’m sure be very ecstatic if they announce a second season. The later part was more interesting and maybe, maybe because my Matsun is aware of Tachibana now (I SHIP!!!). Ok, I’m zipping my mouth. Still is my favorite of this season!

Gangsta. — I did read a few bits of the manga but I think I liked the anime far better. The execution of the anime was truly engaging—in how it pieced the backstory by incorporating it to the current events. Man, Ayumu Murase (young Wolrick) is a revelation to me. Ayumu always played young/happy characters & him acting out Wolrick wounded spirit was just *kiss fingertips and toss away*

Gintama° — I’m not bidding bye-bye yet. Because it’s still continuing till next season! I anticipate more of those funny arcs to be animated. But what scares me is that it might put one of the loneliest serious arcs of Gintama on next season! BN Pictures, have mercy!!! *sobs*

Ore Monogatari!! — *oitsukenai~ oitsukitai no ni~ totsuzen, monogatari~* ok, ok, I’ll stop singing but from first episode to the last (broadcast is delayed, slated to end next week) was just pure fun. I’m not swooning over Yamato and Takeo like I do for other couples but that itself made them a powerhouse couple. They don’t need to do that usual stuff because their relationship was very stable and entertaining to watch. Every progress: from holding hands, their first Valentines, Christmas, Spring and kiss—all of them was so amusing to watch. Gonna miss the trio of OM for sure!!!

Shokugeki no Souma — JC Staff, please the second season must happen, ok?! *coughs* The main event of the Autumn Election is still on the works, while prelims was entertaining and engaging (we have yet to see Souma’s curry entry, & only got a glimpse of Hayama’s) but since I know what it’ll look like, I’m just anticipating how they’ll put that in the anime! Aaah, I need to see Elite Ten (and Stagaire with Shinomiya-shifu!!!) SECOND SEASON! SECOND SEASON! SECOND SEASON!

Autumn 2015! (where my schedule is pretty muck reckt!!!)

Dance of Devils – Of the two reverse harem (otome-esque, although it’s an anime original) on my list. I have weakness to reverse harem. Why? Because (1) boys (2) boys (3) and boys. Ok, apart from that I kinda like the premise of this lone girl surrounded by these beautiful (non-human) male creatures. Guilty pleasure guys & girls, my guilty pleasure. やましい快楽

Diabolic Lovers More, Blood – I wasn’t a big fan of the first season or this anime as a whole but since I already watched one season (in completion I can’t believe it too) I decided to might as well. If it weren’t for Ryohei and Kaji Yuuki…ah, I’m now watching anime because of the seiyuu! Oh well, it couldn’t be that bad, right?

Haikyuu!! 2 –  Do I have to tell you my reason why I need to watch it? Seriously guys, I’m so obsessed with (ok maybe just second to Tokyo Ghoul, still) so I’m already salivating here, I want to watch it already! My Sundays…er, Mondays will be complete with Karasuno team gracing my screen!

Noragami Aragato –  Ok, another sequel that I’m excited to watch. I’m quite disappointed with the end of the first season because it’s a filler (BONES has tendency to do this, ugh). I didn’t watch the OVA because the Bishamonten arc must happen first and I have no idea what roll down there. So I’m gonna watch this first then jump to the OVA!

One Punch Man – I already seen the first episode and I must say, Madhouse put their all in this anime. The animation, music, gawd, it was gorgeous!!! It makes me feel nostalgic because OPM has this vibe of an old action anime but fluid animation made me return to present. If the first episode is like that then my body and soul is prepared for the rest! If HQ isn’t in this list, I’ll choose this series as my most awaited fall series in heartbeat. Yeah, that good!

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen – It’s anime original or so I heard. Like the way I’m inclined to otome turned anime as my guilty pleasure, Owari no Seraph perhaps falls in this same category. Despite the glaring flaws and obvious fujoshi bait, I’m thoroughly entertained by both the anime & the manga (I am currently up-to-date) so yeah, I’m stoked to see this!

Maybe List:

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou – I don’t know? Should I? Production IG is milking this franchise dry. I just want the second season, please!

So how about you, what’s your total impression to summer line-up? What’s your most anticipated anime for autumn? Please tell me otaku friends~!

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