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Title: Supernaturally Author: Kiersten White Series: (Paranormalcy #2) Published: July...

Title: Supernaturally
Author: Kiersten White
Series: (Paranormalcy #2)
Published: July 2011 by HarperTeen

I think I’m not the only one who noticed that’s there something really wrong with this book. It’s not wrong in a terrible way, wrong in a disappointing way. I’m very vocal on how much I love Paranormalcy. It was a fun read. But this one, hmm… it still does have the quirks and antics of the first book, but I felt something is missing. Like where is the fun it used to have? Yep, that feeling.

Evie wish of having a normal life had finally come true. She is now in high school with locker and all the drama attached to it, but as they say be careful what you wish for. She misses ICPA, and misses being surrounded anything but normal. She misses being a paranormal. So when she was asked again to help she obliged. She also met Jack, a human who can travel using the faery realm. But coming back isn’t a stroll in the park; she discovered things she didn’t expect. And there’s Reth still bugging her, but he hold important information about her identity.

I still like it, but Paranormalcy is better. Like I said whatever the first book has that made it endearing to its readers it was, not completely gone, but missing in its sequel. I’m excited to read Supernaturally, counting the days for its release but sadly the anticipation and the actual book didn’t match. It was kind of a let down for me. I like Evie a lot in book one, she is so funny, and her dream being normal, to experience the mundane life is somewhat hilarious. But now that she experiences it, it kind of dissolve her expectations, which is ironically, the exact same feeling I felt when I’m done reading the book.

I adore Lend, even though he’s the guy with no exact facial features. I love the authenticity of his character when he was introduced. But like Evie, whatever fondness I have for him is now gone. I still do like him but he’s a bit bland here. Their relationship was too ‘normal’, the sparks is now gone. I’m not sure what happen but there relationship is so plain that I forgot that they are the same characters that I grew to love. This is what I’m afraid of, characters weakening. I love characters that grow as the story progress. It’s probably nicer to accept that they remain still, dormant but loosing the appeal? That means something is really wrong.

Maybe the first book was too good to top it. Now that I think of it, it probably a good move if it’s a stand alone book. Because really, with a weak (ok, not really that weak) follow up, readers like me, who expected the same, or surpassed the preceding book will end up being disappointed. I’m not saying it’s a bad follow up. No, there are instances that I like about the book. I love additional character/s, especially ones with colorful personality and I’m glad the author added Jack to the cast. He does somehow kinda tie me down to the book. I love his sarcasm and funny interactions with Evie. It’s also a good thing that he’s not that type of character who was deployed there as a plot device. You know, those who just add for the sake of adding them, but have trifling qualities. I like him but I’m so upset to what happened to his character when the book ends. Yes, one of the reason why I’m kinda not liking this book as much as I hoped for.

According to my sis, this series is a trilogy. So I hope as the story wraps up it’ll be back to what it supposed to be – kick-ass with pink tasey Evie and her not-so-normal story.

And Reth? He’s there too. And he’s the only one who I actually still like, but I was kinda hoping there’s more of him though. Sigh.

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