Author: Wendy Higgins
Series: (The Sweet Trilogy #1)
Published: May 1st 2012 by Harper Teen

Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

Or she could do both. 😉

There are a few angel books out there that knock my socks off. And I think Sweet Evil unexpectedly falls in that category. It wasn’t love at first sight though. Believe it or not, I find the first hundred pages a little…ok. But as I was delving further, I just find myself fascinated.

What fascinated me the most is how intricate, how distinctive the angel/demon lore incorporated in this book. I liked that secrets were out little by little as opposed to one big hurrah at the end. Although I find the revealing of information a tad less elating? because Anna was easily taking everything in. But that was just a personal preference. Overall the idea was refreshingly great.

Now let me discuss in details: the demon possessing human body, these demons’ offspring (nephilim) influencing human to sin, and integration of seven deadly sins (plus few more like lying, murder, hatred, theft, adultery, and substance abuse) was pretty innovative. This made the story stands out among books that have the same genre, same subject. You can see that it was well thought out.

These offspring has ‘work’ to do. Like Kaidan Rowe, our main guy, he is the son of demon representing lust. In the book they are called dukes. Since he’s under the sin of lust, his activities deal with anything well, carnal—sexual. In short, he is a walking sex machine.  His father had dealings like prostitution, and pornography. While Anna, our main gal, though she is a nephilim too is a bit different from the rest. She’s half angel, half demon. Demon fathers are ruthless and used their kids as pawns, instrument for their evil schemes. But at some weird way, his father is not like that: he loved her and loved her mother. But being half good and half evil is complicated. It is more than she could bargain for.

And since Kaidan is the son of the duke of lust, expect some make out scenes. No, let me rephrase that steamy make out scenes. But seriously, what draws to me (and it is important to say I am not craving for a love triangle. It is indeed a miracle!) to their relationship is that it is so complicated. They both wanted each other but with their affiliation and their nature made it hard to do so. I so wanted them to be together. Despite that, you might get an impression (because I did) it was just all physical/hormonal (since you know what is Kai) but you will feel that there’s more than that. Kai’s past made me realized that (he just wanted to be loved).

There were ‘what-ifs’, ‘should have’, and the infamous ‘preferably’ thinking while I was reading the book. But even if wasn’t seamless as I wanted, even if some of the events are not important that dragged the book unnecessarily, I can sincerely say that I enjoyed it. Will definitely back for Kaidan and Blake I mean, more. 😉