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Title: Switched Author: Amanda Hocking Series: (Trylle Trilogy #1) Published:...

Title: Switched
Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: (Trylle Trilogy #1)
Published: January 3rd 2012 by St. Martin’s Griffin (first published July 12th 2010)

I’m about to leave it with the word “decent” and move on. Because that’s pretty much describes this book. It was just that…decent. Not horrible but not really that entertaining. Readable but not that enjoyable. Besides, I managed to finish it so that says something positive…hopefully.

What’s in this book that hasn’t done before? Nothing, really. I have read tons of books that have the same theme. And believe me, no part of this book caught me off guard, no surprise factor or whatsoever. It was completely stagnant and incredibly predictable. She’s an otherworldly, troll to be exact. That doesn’t make it unique for me at all, it was just a change of name (or this case, creature) that’s all. And I really find it funny that I wasn’t surprised that she was part of a monarchy, or a royalty, because I can sense it from the very beginning. Just in case you’re wondering, NO I haven’t read the raw version of this book—aka the self-pub version. I admit I wasn’t a big fan of Ms. Hocking, her vampire series left me completely disappointed, hence did not attempt to read anything from her in a while. But once again the alluring cover, thanks to St. Martin’s creative department prowess managed to convince me to at least try it. So try I did. In all fairness this one is a lot better than her previous work. Just saying.

As I was saying, it was too conventional. She’s a princess, the guy, Finn, I think was the name (see, even characters are forgettable to me) the stalkerish, I-knew-from-miles-away a potential love interest and has something to do with her “real” identity, which is also stuck between love and duty, also the person who will relay information to the protagonist. Too typical, tsk…tsk…tsk. No one stands out, sadly. I think everyone here was cut from some cookie cutter, leaving me a little displeased. The story is tad flat. Were there moments that I enjoy the book? Truthfully? Nothing…I think. I really don’t remember if there’s any. But that being said, the predictability of it made me finish it (who could’ve thought?) I know what will happen, and pretty sure then that nothing discouraging will happen (which evidently was right since I finished it).

Now, will I read the sequels? Well, yes. Since my sister loves this series I know for a fact that there’s going to be book two and three in our book shelf. That, and I was interested enough to read it. Nevertheless my stance remains that this one was just so-so. Rec it? I dunno, a bit expensive from the usual books we buy. I say borrow it first, then you decided if you want a copy of your own. 😉

My sister said that she know exactly what I will write in my review for Torn (the second book). I doubt that, then again if she finally admits we have the same wavelength, may be she can. Try guessing sis! 😉

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