Fiction / those cute moments, yeah, it has to happen at the right time

It was Valentine’s Day last Thursday, and continuing my love fest posts for the lurve month, here’s another one, that maybe invaluable to your life, but I need to speak up (like majority, if not, all of my posts) Allow me to explain my favorite swoon worthy moments. Actually, what do I consider swoon worthy moments. Kiss? Confession? Amusement park date? Yeah, I’m gonna do the full deets. *excited*

I think I’ve said before that I’m not into grand gestures. I dig the subtle hints. I feel those little  moments far more special. Maybe that’s the reason I like slow burn romance. I like how I little by little witness the development between the couple, even if those said moments aren’t romantic in the first place (yeah, I sometimes like mediocrity).

So those moments, Mitchii, what do you consider swoon worthy?  Actually, it depends! How it executed. How the atmosphere felt like. Of  course I get super kilig (with simple kiss and all those shy & blushing moments. But the build up before that happen is what makes it super swoon worthy! I think there’s a need of a good momentum. While I like surprises, I don’t want it to come out of the blue, like no build up happened. It is why I rarely like love at first sight. Isn’t more grander that as a reader you are getting those tiny sparks before the real firecracker shoots the sky? Yeah, that feeling, because you know it will happen but you still couldn’t determine when, but when that times comes, BOOM, sparks fly. So really, the writing really matters.

One of my favorite manga of all-time Love So Life ( is full of those cute moments. I can read this over and over and over again. It’s the best blend of slice of life and romance.  I know maybe some will be little off with the age gap, but don’t be. Seriously, Matsunaga-san was ever the gentleman. And I knew why he fell for her. And so was Chiharu to him. When she cheered him up, how she made his place homey with her unconditional love and care to his nephew and niece under their circusmtances. It just aaaaaah~ it felt so good.  Like you look forward to the beauty of life and love. That’s why I think the title was very appropriate.

But Mitchii you really didn’t answer, you say. Well, I did say it depends. But those cute moments, yeah, it has to happen at the right time. Timing matters! I am OK with waiting ‘cos the build up towards it makes it very, very special. And if that happened then that worth million watts of kilig points.