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Twenty Sixteen: Throwback

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When it comes to some things, I try my best to be optimistic! (for a naturally debbie downer that’s big!) But for me 2016 was kind, sorta, maybe—definitely…MEH? I was beaming with positivism and excitement when the year started but not everything I had in mind happened. BUT!!! It doesn’t mean that it was an awful year altogether! Sure there were things that I certainly wanted to blossom but it didn’t. But there were things that I didn’t expect did come! I am blessed! But if I were to choose one word for 2016, that would be “experimental.” Fave Nine! 

Merry Christmas!

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It’s actually a tradition here in my blog to greet you everyone a very Merry Christmas! Ever since I started blogging I always make sure to greet everyone since I love Christmas! It’s the day of sharing but most of all to remember that we have received such precious gift from God! And an angel of the Lord suddenly stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them; and they were terribly frightened. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for 

Mitchii’s Hong Kong Getaway!

5 years ago | filed under Travel
Cities like Hong Kong aren’t suited for lazy ass person like me. I don’t like walking.  Here in the Philippines we have every bit of transportation even for small distance travel (hence the crazy traffic!). So I got myself in a very exhausting trip. It felt like my feet were about to fall off from my legs. But first, let me backtrack of what made us (me and my younger sister) took this impromptu trip! Originally my sister asked my youngest sister but she declined, I said I’m willing to go & I’ll pay for our tickets. I booked us 

It was somehow busy &…

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I hate how inconsistent my blogging mood. Last February I was on the roll~ making those fun shoujo posts and stuff. And then March came, I was enthusiastic because I had everything laid out but second week came, I ended up doing stuff all over the place & kinda neglected my blog so I only had come up with unspectacular minuscule number of posts. I want to do better this April—it is summer so I might be back on the swing of things! In retrospect March was little chaotic, somewhat moody & kinda spontaneous! March in a Nutshell I have 

It was all about shoujo…

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I have come to appreciate the wonders of being organized! Preparing future post is such a good thing to do. Although I still find my style to be on the spontaneous side of things. But whenever new ides came, I always made sure to take note of it. Instead of my usual attitude, “I’ll post this because I can!”—though I sometimes still cave in to that impulse! Baby steps, self. Baby steps. February in Nutshell I think I was semi-productive when February rolled in. I managed to do my special 4-week feature, Shoujo Fanfare with ease! It was always great 

The first monthly wrap-up of…

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I think the year started quite right for me. I made some good decisions, goal planning (something personal!) and brainstorming post ideas for the blog and whatnots. I have some stuff prepared for February too & I couldn’t be happier how productive I am right now! Book wise, I’m still a little behind (who am I kidding, A LOT! I’m behind like a lot!) So don’t be fooled by the number of my GR challenge because I read an amazing manhwa series (I’ll be posting a rec post later—which I already written anyway). But other stuff, yeah, I think I’m 

Aim high for 2016!

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Setting up new goals for the coming new year is both exhilarating & nerve-wracking. Giving yourself another chance to start with a clean slate is really encouraging but I still feel anxious about it, haha (like when did I not?). Of course every time I set these goals I always get back to what I wrote the last year, to check if I did them the way I wanted it. And while it was a shaky process I believe I ticked most of the things off my list. I managed to accomplish my reading goal (although I did cheat on