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Mid-Year Progress Report!

5 months ago | filed under Personal
So it's that time again to share my goals & challenges progress. I think the situation right now is every bit of the reason why I fell short of my goals & resolutions for this year. I mean, have you heard of the news? Yeah, let's not go there in meantime, I'm stressed enough as it is (cue new pimple every other day!) But what we currently experiencing made me re-circuit my objectives and reasons. Instead of grander goals (well, my goals aren't that ~grand~ to begin with) but I learned to make short-term goals. What's with life lately is 

I’m vibin’ in pink, chic…

9 months ago | filed under Personal
Happy Women's Day! 🦸‍♀️ So it's our day (month), ladies. All the period woes & the undergarment complaints and whatnots, I'm proud to say that I love being a girl! ❤ So yeah, this one is a celebratory post! 🎉🥳 I just like to highlight the kind of woman I am, and how I express that in association with the things I like! I believe you cannot box women into one kind of stereotype! Each one of us are unique (people in general are unique). And in this modern era, women aren't shackled by the normies standard anymore. 😙 And 

When negativity surrounds, I know…

10 months ago | filed under News
Like the state of my blogging this month, I'm sort of unmotivated to type my recap (expect generic photos 'cos well, I'm l-a-z-y to take pic!) After the numerous activities I did for this month, I just wanna relax & think nothing. So yeah, gotta do it before that short strand of productivity finally snap (I don't want that, I haven't slacked writing my recap for years now, I ain't starting now but damn just combo of tiredness, laziness, uninspired 👀). So um, January...was...too much? 😔 Seeing the news and all the stuff that happened in the first month of 

Of the new decade, and…

11 months ago | filed under Personal
I'm still thinking about the new year—it's 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣!! And yeah, it is also the new decade. 🗓✨  I can't believe we are here now, it's 2020 & it feels like the year come and go & ain't slowing down. I remember feeling bored for the short two months summer vacation back when I was kid. Time felt slow those times. But today? Two months feel short. Everything feels "now," everything must be delivered in real time! And sometimes I feel confused how I process time. Not gonna lie, there's a little apprehension amidst the excitement as we currently tread the 

New Year means New List!…

11 months ago | filed under Personal
I’m not sure how to assess my 2019 goals. There wasn’t a lack of trying although I wouldn’t say it was failure but I don’t consider it 100% success. 🙃 Sure, I’m almost done reading the entire Bible (props to me, guys!),I did save some, illustration practice was little shaky but I’m working when I have time (which I don’t have that much nowadays). But there are few that still need some work to do! But yeah, they’ll be part of my 2020 list. 😝 The thing is I’m still keen on trying even though the year is about to 

Onward to the new decade!…

11 months ago | filed under Feature
I'm so happy to say that my anime list this 2019 was pretty amazing! I was so detached with anime last 2018—with only four series and was a pain to finish to boot! But this year was kinda amazing. I ended up watching the number one anime I kept relegating to the sides despite claiming that it was an absolute fave, Fullmetal Alchemist. I also finished watching Hunter X Hunter (2011) and bunch of series that I was so keen to watch last year but was unable to, like Run with the Wind (which was so, so amazing. Gosh, I