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Look what we have here! It's  2021, a brand new year & you know what's the best thing to do when the calendar refreshes to January 1 of a new year??? Yes, time to open those new planners and start filling it up! So today, I will share to you the start of my planner journey for 2021! I'm going to temporarily (?) say goodbye to journals & stick to what I'm most comfortable keeping—and that are planners!!! my very "personal" planner So, I mentioned somewhere here on blog that I said adieu to journals as they are a bit 

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All in all, 2020 in terms of my goals, challenges & resolutions were pretty OK-ish. I'm giving it a passing grade regardless. Yes, as I said in this mid-year check that some were not really doable because of the pandemic, but I was able to do some so I think that counts? Biggest lesson learned this year (it has more weight now) every milestone I did this year I cherished it because our situation made me appreciate the little things more than ever. And as we greet the coming new year (with bit??? more anxiety than how I normal do 

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To sum up the year⁠—anime & manga wise⁠—I was on the consistent side. What I plan to watch, I watched...well, most of the titles in this list ended up being postponed with the whole pandemic currently being the ultimate buzz kill of the twenty-first century. But hey, I understand! Our lives are more important than our entertainment and we have to follow rules; the sooner this ends the better, we all agree on that, right? Besides, I'm pretty content with what 2020 served despite all the cancellations. I still read tons of new series this year so that made me