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If I Should Die

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Author: Amy Plum Series: (Revenants #3) Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Publisher: HarperTeen Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal External Links: Book Depository • Goodreads Synopsis: I will not lose another person I love. I will not let history repeat itself. Vincent waited lifetimes to find me, but in an instant our future together was shattered. He was betrayed by someone we both called a friend, and I lost him. Now our enemy is determined to rule over France’s immortals, and willing to wage a war to get what they want. It shouldn’t be possible, none of it should be, but this 

Until I Die

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Author: Amy Plum Series: (Revenants #2) Published: May 8th 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers Rating: I’m feeling tad ambivalent with this one. Is not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. It wasn’t a bad follow up either. I’m just a little…dissatisfied. It’s not really a secret that I’m head over heels for Die for Me. I’ve been raving on how it changed my view on zombies. The concept of the revenants was refreshing variation to the standard zombies we knew. I dig the idea of these eternal creatures and their impulse to save lives (and they're not rotting. hooray!) 

Die for Me by Amy…

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Title: Die for Me Author: Amy Plum Series: (Revenants #1) Pages: 344 Rating: I’m a sucker for gorgeous cover; I even put it on my tbr list because the cover was exceptionally gorgeous. But sometimes the only thing that wows me is the cover and I end up being disappointed. Die for Me was one of those—pretty cover, but I’m so happy that it’s not just the cover. I really, REALLY like the story. I’m not a big fan of zombies. Among the supernaturals out there, this is my least favorite. I mean a walking corpse? No thank you. But