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A decade of squee, rants…

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So it's been what? 3642 days and counting, 1232 posts, 120 months, 4 rebrands, and also 4 domain names later, here I am still blogging! ✨ I welcome you to my decade anniv posts! ✨ I can't believe I hit super major milestones! Who would've thought that I'm still in love with this hobby? Not even me, hobbies for me come and go! There was even a time where I stopped watching anime & reading manga! But blogging has been consistent since I started ten years ago! I think I already told everyone (on every opportunity me thinks) how my 

The Lucky Nine! Let me…

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I can't believe that I've been doing this blogging gig for nine whole years! I'm pretty impressed. And what makes it more astonishing is that I still love it the same way when I first started. Nine years is a long time, there are so many things that happened. So many big changes and lot of indecisiveness but here I am still burning with love and passion for everything I love to share! And sharing these part of myself is total drive that push me through! But today I'll be sharing you my nine memorable blogging things I've done in 

The forgotten blogiversary…and why?

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Hey you, yes you! I've got a secret to tell: my book blog (which has morphed into what it is now) was created in October, but this blog started way before that! I installed Wordpress in July of 2010…I started Skye Station in July! I talked about the drama (both TV and life LOL) anime, manga and sometimes books…But when books begun to dominate the content of what supposed to be my personal blog, I’ve decided to trash everything and make a book review blog. And that was why I honor October as the date of my blogging anniversary! I