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Mitchii’s adventure in Disneyland! Here’s…

1 month ago | filed under Travel
When I went to HK last 2016 with my sister, due to time & budget we didn't get to visit Disneyland! I said, if all aspects permit, I will def come back & visit what is dubbed as the happiest place on earth...or so they say! Well, I did enjoy this visit last year (before the whole pandemic put the world into a halt!) & I'm about reminisce my latest travel (a year after it happened;;; what can I say life happens & I'm just buried with laziness & procrastination). Because we had kids on tow in this trip, we 

Mitchii’s Hong Kong Getaway!

5 years ago | filed under Travel
Cities like Hong Kong aren’t suited for lazy ass person like me. I don’t like walking.  Here in the Philippines we have every bit of transportation even for small distance travel (hence the crazy traffic!). So I got myself in a very exhausting trip. It felt like my feet were about to fall off from my legs. But first, let me backtrack of what made us (me and my younger sister) took this impromptu trip! Originally my sister asked my youngest sister but she declined, I said I’m willing to go & I’ll pay for our tickets. I booked us 

Travel the world through manga!…

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I love reading manga because I’m a big fan of Japanese culture, tradition and history (not as huuuuge as my two sisters are). There was a time I spent two hours hearing the Tokugawa era narrated by my little sister—who is a huge historical junkie as I said. And no, it’s not limited to just Japan, but I digress.) But I do appreciate historical manga and the great thing about graphic novels, it has pictures! I’m not as big of historical fiction fan, book wise. I’m the type who understands a concept or idea when presented to me visually. It