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  • 2018 / 12 / 06

    Twenty Eighteen’s Best of the Best!

    It’s that time of year once again! I’m quite pleased with how my reading progress went this year. And unlike last year where it was kinda difficult process because of my very, very small pool of manga to pick! It was a happy struggle to know I have so many manga and webtoons to choose from because of how productive my 2018 is in terms of reading. So that’s the good part, the downside of this all is my anime—

  • 2017 / 12 / 06

    Twenty Seventeen Best of the Best!!

    This is kinda easy and somewhat kinda hard list to do. One, I reread so much this year (look out for my yearly stat report about it) that I only have few titles to pick from. It’s hard in the sense, since you know it’s the “best” list soooo they should be the best (well, they are! They are! But it felt like I didn’t have lots of contender so it was winner came by default). Secondly, not only did—

  • 2016 / 12 / 13

    Best of the Best 2016!

    Last year (the time when my blog was experiencing some sort of identity crisis ), I temporarily replaced this feature of mine to “Fave Picks From this Mix” because I still did some book reading last year and I was in a sort of a limbo of how should I label everything. But I finally sorted it out and I think my original feature objective still fit the idea (not without alteration!) that I was concocting for this year. And—

  • 2015 / 12 / 11

    Fave Picks From this Mix 2015!

    When your yearly special official post title doesn’t resonate your status due to your ongoing predicament; therefore you have no choice but to make teeny bit of adjustment. And so, what I called best of the best doesn’t reflect what I feel right now. Sadly that bookish slump hit me pretty bad. It’s not the lack of trying (OK so maybe a bit of that, I admit) but I found some of my reads for this year on the mediocre—

  • 2014 / 12 / 11

    2014 Best of the Best!

    Is it too early to showcase my best reads of the year? If the rapid changing of days is an indication, I might wake up one day and realize it’s already 2015 so better start these yearly specials promptly. I’m little sad because I didn’t read a lot this year compare to last year. I sort of cheated my GR challenge and decided to lower it to 150 to achieve my goal. (I need to balance my hobbies, seriously.) And—

  • 2013 / 12 / 28

    2013 Best of the Best!

    Hi everyone, welcome to the annual BEST OF THE BEST here at Aeropapers, where I highlight some of my best reads of the year. 2013 is well, a rollercoaster ride for me so are the books I read. I think they deserved recognition. Right? Right! So here are the best of best reads in 2013: Brand Spanking New (Best Debut [Standalone/Starter] Novel) •  Vicious by Victoria Schwab The premise, the ambiguity, the uniqueness, the sheer level of awesomeness this book—

  • 2012 / 12 / 27

    2012 Best of the Best!

    2012 is not as great as 2011…well, that’s just me. But it is still an awesome year for books. There are definitely cool titles I’ve read this year that warrants recognition so I decided to award them in their well deserving categories. Check ‘em out:    Best Book of 2012! It’s not even a full pledge book, but I still gave this award to DESTROY ME by Tahereh Mafi. This book is just too darn good for me. I love it.—