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A decade of squee, rants…

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So it's been what? 3642 days and counting, 1232 posts, 120 months, 4 rebrands, and also 4 domain names later, here I am still blogging! ✨ I welcome you to my decade anniv posts! ✨ I can't believe I hit super major milestones! Who would've thought that I'm still in love with this hobby? Not even me, hobbies for me come and go! There was even a time where I stopped watching anime & reading manga! But blogging has been consistent since I started ten years ago! I think I already told everyone (on every opportunity me thinks) how my 

Naming the EIGHT big changes…

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Despite my championing about changes, I have to admit that I’m still fearful of the changes coming especially when I have grown comfortable with what I have currently. Changes in and of itself isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it. When I was completely content with my blogging ways during my bookish era I was super hesitant to hop over to the new direction. But seeing the direction evolving, interest shifting, I think that changes were impending. It was just lurking there. So I reassessed my goals and follow the my own tide. But of 

The me ‘before’ and the…

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If there’s one thing I’ll never get it right after six years of blogging is celebrating blog anniversaries! Like seriously what to do, what to do?! But do I really need to celebrate every year? Does it warrant a special day of “hey guys I’m blogging for this amount of time already!” Do you care? Do I care? Actually I do! I love my blog! I think I’ve said it plenty of times before that you probably sick of me talking about it. But I love it! And it’s true that I never celebrated my blog anniversary before until last 

Have you ever dear self??!!

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In this special edition of rainyink ‘lil aniv bash, I decided to amuse myself and answer some “have you ever” questions (idea sparked while watching Ellen). And since it’s yours truly blogging anniversary I decided to center the questions about blogging. Have you ever been jealous of other bloggers? Beside that time when I boldly told everyone how I envy people who have great command of the English language? None that I can think of. Oh maybe that time when some bloggers had ARCs of Unravel Me. I confess I was green with envy because they were already reading the