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One of my favorite travel…

2 months ago | filed under Travel
This pandemic brought out a lot of nostalgia (and a tiny bit of regret for not jumping into the fun); as a self-forecast, the normal days are way too far into the future as we have yet to successfully curb the number of cases locally (as of writing it's becoming worse, but that's not the topic of this post so I'm ending my grievances right here 🤐) it's sad realization for me, and for many of us too, the burden just keeps on piling *sigh* so I just keep on looking back through the pictures that I accumulated from my  

Mitchii’s mini adventures in Kinokuniya!

5 years ago | filed under Travel
I knew from the very beginning of [simple_tooltip content='You might want to check this post too, as I chronicled my lil escapades in Kuala Lumpur! XD']our trip [/simple_tooltip] that dropping by Kinokuniya was a must! I googled where it is located and I made sure to spare few moments to visit it. Luckily KLCC, a huge mall in KL is located a few blocks from where we stayed. I told my mom and sis that I wanted to check out the store which they generously obliged. Me and my youngest sister were too gleeful to finally see it for ourselves.