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A love month special? No,…

3 months ago | filed under Fiction
February is love month, and last February 14 was Valentine's Day! And while we cherish the people we love—particularly everyone's partner in life—we tend to forgot to give major spotlight to other kinds of love stories! So, it's a perfect time to celebrate all kinds of love and not just the romantic ones! They are, for me, are extraordinary love stories too that is equally worth highlighting (and that's big coming from huge romantic junkie like me!) Whatever that is, maybe it's love for mother nature, family, friends, I also came to witness them through reading! Yes, I'm single but 

It was all about shoujo…

5 years ago | filed under News
I have come to appreciate the wonders of being organized! Preparing future post is such a good thing to do. Although I still find my style to be on the spontaneous side of things. But whenever new ides came, I always made sure to take note of it. Instead of my usual attitude, “I’ll post this because I can!”—though I sometimes still cave in to that impulse! Baby steps, self. Baby steps. February in Nutshell I think I was semi-productive when February rolled in. I managed to do my special 4-week feature, Shoujo Fanfare with ease! It was always great 

February in a Nutshell!

6 years ago | filed under News
It’s hard to believe that February flew by just like that. I know it’s the shortest month of the year but still, it went so fast! But you know what was (is still is) slow last month? That’s right, my reading pace. 3.3 I’m so, so behind my reading challenge something that never happened in the last five years. I blame my constant procrastination for that. Oh well. Monthly Highlight! Left to right: The Great ‘OTP’ Post!; Breaking some stereotypes! I know it was kinda sad. I reviewed Things We Know by Heart by Jessie Kirby and it was really