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A love month special? No,…

3 months ago | filed under Fiction
February is love month, and last February 14 was Valentine's Day! And while we cherish the people we love—particularly everyone's partner in life—we tend to forgot to give major spotlight to other kinds of love stories! So, it's a perfect time to celebrate all kinds of love and not just the romantic ones! They are, for me, are extraordinary love stories too that is equally worth highlighting (and that's big coming from huge romantic junkie like me!) Whatever that is, maybe it's love for mother nature, family, friends, I also came to witness them through reading! Yes, I'm single but 

I ain’t hatin’ a character…

3 years ago | filed under Fiction
Last month I talked about my "hate list" (or more like let me justify my unreasonable hatred to this character & yes, I'm human capable of eliciting irrational anger towards a fictional character), but that being said, I'm very tolerable person in nature, so sometimes I "kinda" understand why they act that way, still, there are many things that affect my acceptance to this specific character, and very dependent to the plot not on the character mold or stereotype those characters’ possess. But to simply hate character cos it's so flawed is not really that simple. I mean we can 

Before the hype. During the…

4 years ago | filed under Fiction
Hype—you either hate it or follow the fad. When it comes fandom this is double edge sword for me. It’s nice to see similar minded people raving about something you absolutely adore. But when it comes irrational blind following, then it all get pretty ugly really fast! You still love the peace and cozy time when you’re part of fandom at the humblest beginning. Just few people; you all get giddy. The majority don’t get what you’re talking about. You’re shouting to the void, claiming that you have found the next treasure that y’all should be fawning. Some will take 

How closely should fiction mirror…

6 years ago | filed under Fiction
This is such an unpopular opinion but I’m not really that disappointed with stories I read that doesn’t closely mirror real life, even for contemporary stories. For someone who views reading as a form of escape, I’d rather not see too much similarities. I don’t know, I always have thick line between what’s real life and what’s fiction. So no, I don’t believe in everything I read but I know which ones to enjoy, regardless. It does not mean I don’t need some doses of realism on the stories I read. Sometimes I crave those kinds because those elements make