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Falling in love with my…

10 months ago | filed under Fiction
Some people like "childhood friends turn lovers", while other like more edgy stuff like "enemies to lover". When it comes to our favorite romance stories we have our de-facto, tried and tested, romantic tropes. ❤ And I am one of those people who can be easily swayed to read a story when these favorite tropes are present! 😘 I already shared my favorite romantic tropes here, but what makes me fall in love with the same formula is what I want to expand in this post. The thing is I'm not the hardest to please. 😅 In fact, I'm pretty 

From Team A to Team…

3 years ago | filed under Fiction
Alright, another shipping topic for y’all! But let’s do something grimmer LMAO nah, but it isn’t positive like my other posts are! So I’m gonna talk about abandoned ships, you know those couple or ships that we rooted so hard but kinda feel meh as the story continues or you find yourself switching to another love interest that made you abandoned the said ships? Have you? Have I? *ponders* I think I had!! While writing this blog post I racked my brains off if I found myself abandoning my original ship then switched sides…but it’s very, very rare! I’m usually 

In which I talked a…

6 years ago | filed under Anime, Fiction
On your left is a manhwa (만화), Bride of the Water God (하백의 신부) by Yun Mi-kyung. It is read from left to right. While manga (漫画) is read from right to left like Kamisama Kiss by Juliette Suzuki. Even their sizes are different, no? Usually, I just shrug off people whims and whatnots because I do have one of them and I don’t like being ridiculed/pointed out about it. But you know what, when I see one it really does tick me; but I won’t do anything. I’ll just gonna groan inwardly and let the person be. I’m not 

The genre that is called…

6 years ago | filed under Fiction
One of my favorite manga series, Tegami Bachi by Hiroyuki Asada. I really thought it was just  fantasy, or maybe steampunk. Guess, I was teeny bit wrong on that! I try my best to categorize the books I read by its genre (I’m quite the OCD). And I like that people on goodreads do that, too. It’s easy to search a book that I would like to read if I know what genre in it. I’m moody type of reader, sometimes I want a fantasy book, sometimes contemporary and a lot of times, romance, haha. But in all seriousness I 

Random, Halloween-related sorta prompt!

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I’m not big fan of horror movies—those purposely created to elicit fear. I’m no longer queasy due to the fact I’ve been exposed (too much I supposed) these past few months. I’ve been watching series with, you can say, quite violent theme; blood and gore do not bother me that much anymore. It's no longer a problem with me. Although among the pool of genre associated with the titles I had watched includes horror, I can say it was horror just by the theme and not it’s because it was frightening. And to be honest, I did enjoy it (at