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  • 2019 / 02 / 11

    Shipping like a girl-boss in non-romantic series!

    Sometimes shipper remains a shipper regardless of the genre or demographics. Case in point? Me! There are plenty of times that I ship pairings in a series where the romance is not really its priority…or there’s none at all. But somehow it doesn’t deter me from rooting the couple, because I know chemistry when I see one so what else can I do? I just indulge to shipper’s impulses. The craving I tell you, is hard to deny. It’s not—

  • 2015 / 05 / 03

    Spring 2015 First Impression.

    Can you believe it? It’s been a month since these new anime have started. And do you know what it means? Yep, time to do my first impression. I’ve been slacking pretty badly here considering I even went to great lengths of overhauling the site. Ha! Talk about procrastination but oh well. ^^; But I’ll give you quick rundown of what I thought of the latest series I’ve been giving so much attention to these days! Gintama°『銀魂』 Of course I—

  • 2015 / 03 / 31

    Winter wrap up! + Spring Watch-list!

    A few on my watch-list were last autumn leftovers; Akatsuki no Yona, Nanatsu no Taizai & Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. That said I still found winter season a wee bit promising. Granted I only have like 4 new titles to add to my anime reservoir, it was still plenty enough to get excited with. But among the four titles, only two I faithfully followed, while the two left me a bit unmotivated. Tokyo Ghoul √A 『東京喰種トーキョーグール√A』 I already wrote TD;DR—

  • 2015 / 02 / 14

    The Great ‘OTP’ Post!

    Ah, today is Valentine’s Day, are you snuggling with someone? Gone on a date today? Well, my sister said I’m “bitter” hopeless romantic because I tend to be very cynical when it comes to real life romances. But I’m huge romance advocate… on fiction world that is. As part of my LOVE-ly post to commemorate the love month, I’ll be dishing some romance centric posts. And I’ll start now by sharing y’all my top OTPs (from my very long list).—

  • 2014 / 09 / 11

    Re: Shounen Manga Shout-outs! #1

    As promised (who did I promise to? Ah, never mind.) Here’s my shout-out for the shounen series I follow. Lots of plot twist and reveals just happened. I’m only highlighting the four series I do follow (I think I mentioned it already before). For weekly series: Naruto, Haikyuu!, Tokyo Ghoul and Gintama (and might have mentioned Shingeki at the last bit). There’s going to be lot of rambling, as Kishimoto once again is pulling my leg with this annoying, frustrating—

  • 2014 / 05 / 31

    The sleeping ‘titan’ has awakened.

    I think a post is warranted. It’s day 2 of not reading anything. I hadn’t touched a book in exactly 48 hours, which for me is really amazing surprising feat because ever since I’ve became this huge bookworm, my e-reader had never left my side. It’s always there with me whenever I wanted to read. While there was always a day that I couldn’t finish a book but I always read: be it pages, chapters, even just a paragraph. Bottom-line,—