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New Year means New List!…

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All in all, 2020 in terms of my goals, challenges & resolutions were pretty OK-ish. I'm giving it a passing grade regardless. Yes, as I said in this mid-year check that some were not really doable because of the pandemic, but I was able to do some so I think that counts? Biggest lesson learned this year (it has more weight now) every milestone I did this year I cherished it because our situation made me appreciate the little things more than ever. And as we greet the coming new year (with bit??? more anxiety than how I normal do 

2020 Mid-Year Check Up! How’s…

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So it's that time again to share my goals & challenges progress. I think the situation right now is every bit of the reason why I fell short of my goals & resolutions for this year. I mean, have you heard of the news? Yeah, let's not go there in meantime, I'm stressed enough as it is (cue new pimple every other day!) But what we currently experiencing made me re-circuit my objectives and reasons. Instead of grander goals (well, my goals aren't that ~grand~ to begin with) but I learned to make short-term goals. What's with life lately is 

Of the new decade, and…

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I'm still thinking about the new year—it's 2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣!! And yeah, it is also the new decade. 🗓✨  I can't believe we are here now, it's 2020 & it feels like the year come and go & ain't slowing down. I remember feeling bored for the short two months summer vacation back when I was kid. Time felt slow those times. But today? Two months feel short. Everything feels "now," everything must be delivered in real time! And sometimes I feel confused how I process time. Not gonna lie, there's a little apprehension amidst the excitement as we currently tread the 

New Year means New List!…

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I’m not sure how to assess my 2019 goals. There wasn’t a lack of trying although I wouldn’t say it was failure but I don’t consider it 100% success. 🙃 Sure, I’m almost done reading the entire Bible (props to me, guys!),I did save some, illustration practice was little shaky but I’m working when I have time (which I don’t have that much nowadays). But there are few that still need some work to do! But yeah, they’ll be part of my 2020 list. 😝 The thing is I’m still keen on trying even though the year is about to 

2019 Mid-Year Check Up! How’s…

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Wowzers, we're six months into 2019! And that means I'm sharing my goals & challenges progress. It's something I started last year and I'm doing it again so I know how I'm doing so far. I feel like writing it down makes me more motivated and accomplished (no matter how little the progress, I revel on small victories y'know). And I'm all for keeping my motivation as much as I can.  Even though some of them aren't successful in terms of consistency, I'm still happy with whatever progress I made up to this point. It doesn't really deter me from 

Here are my Goals, Challenges,…

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I feel more accomplished despite not completely checking the things off of my list. I’m still very pleased that I actually made huge decisions and actually acted on them.  I always on the plan side, day dream about it that will get me excited but when the time it actually matters, I chicken out. But I swallowed my hugest fears. I've realized that failure to do it is worst than the actual failure of doing it. So when about to cower in fear, I just say the same mantra as Sakura “[simple_tooltip content='Translation: Everything will be alright']絶対大丈夫だよ[/simple_tooltip],” 'cos God’s guiding 

Naming the EIGHT big changes…

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Despite my championing about changes, I have to admit that I’m still fearful of the changes coming especially when I have grown comfortable with what I have currently. Changes in and of itself isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it. When I was completely content with my blogging ways during my bookish era I was super hesitant to hop over to the new direction. But seeing the direction evolving, interest shifting, I think that changes were impending. It was just lurking there. So I reassessed my goals and follow the my own tide. But of 

Mid-Year Check Up! How’s the…

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I was pretty satisfied with my goals, resolutions, and challenges for 2018! I have so many things I wanted to accomplish this year. Some I'm conquering with ease, while some I'm still struggling at best! But I guess I still have half a year to make those things happen! Like people say, it ain’t too late until you make it so! Or never say never! So despite all the ups and downs, I think I’m still all up for the task! I think my year opened pretty well for me!  I was so busy when January came (despite all the 

The tiny ripple in this…

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That’s how I felt even before when I tried (operative word: tried) to gain some followers because of book blogging game was fierce back then (think of ARCs). I always thought why me, why this small blog, this tiny ripple in this vast ocean? And then years later I came in to terms that it’s okay to be this tiny (cute? ) ripple in the ocean; it might sound insignificant or unnoticeable but the personal joy it brings to me isn’t something can be labeled or compensated by being popular! No, goodness, I’m not telling that people who strive to 

My Goals, Challenges & Resolutions…

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The list of things I want to do in 2017 is very small and very modest & yet I still failed in like, half of them. Well, I managed to re-read books so that’s pretty fine and dandy (ETA: reread not read... *sobs* I've corrected!). I didn’t get to do my sketch note because I’m just lazy and my drawing sucks…hmmm, what else, of course money hahahahahahaha (I’ll explained it below).  I did learn Korean but I need to study more, more, more!! The friendlier and outgoing has tossed out of the window because not only did I renamed, I 

2017 Goals & Resolutions!

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Oh that time again! I had very humble and quite realistic goals for this year. But even with that I still managed to slip through it and unable to do at least two of them.  One, I didn’t beat my reading goal last year—in fact I failed miserably! But it was a personal decision to not force myself to read books. I’m not into reading books right now (a friend of mine shares the same sentiment; we couldn’t find great reads or at least one that interest us like 3-5 years ago). I highly enjoyed reading graphic novels/web comics and