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Falling in love with my…

10 months ago | filed under Fiction
Some people like "childhood friends turn lovers", while other like more edgy stuff like "enemies to lover". When it comes to our favorite romance stories we have our de-facto, tried and tested, romantic tropes. ❤ And I am one of those people who can be easily swayed to read a story when these favorite tropes are present! 😘 I already shared my favorite romantic tropes here, but what makes me fall in love with the same formula is what I want to expand in this post. The thing is I'm not the hardest to please. 😅 In fact, I'm pretty 

Crème de la Crème! Time…

12 months ago | filed under Feature
It's the most wonderful time of the year! And you know what happens here in the blog! Yes, yes, yes!! We honor the ✨ greatest read for the year! ✨ And 2019 as my stats show is the year of webtoons! And it shows, when I started compiling my fave reads of each month, it was kinda difficult to narrow down the list. So many amazing reads! 😋 I was so sure that it's gonna be webtoons. So yeah, it was tough choice to make! Like I said, to choose from the awesome bunch wasn't an easy task! But I 

It isn’t all rainbows and…

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Let me start this post with truest statement about human beings: we are not perfect. We're susceptible to a lot of things and sometimes it ends up as a bad habit. And as another saying even describes bad habits as something hard to break. It sure is! I'm not gonna go all philosophical, I just want a catchy intro. So yep, I'm gonna ramble about my bad reading habits. I generally have good reading habits. And reading is something I associated with mental detox (which I need constantly hence every day reading!! ) so I always think about it positively. 

How about making the love…

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Being shoujo fanatic (more like romance genre enthusiast and again it bears repeating) I've seen romance stories developed in various ways. One was too quick for comfort. Others had so little development. Some were slow burn romances (and I liked it). But one there's one thing common in them: we all know who the love interest is. And sometimes I find the predictability unchallenging. I know romance stories are not just about relationships, characters are important too. But what if it's reverse harem? I know that in stories it is imperative to establish characters (even the side characters). Even if 

And it reminded me of…

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The thing about reading (or anything that revolves about consumption of our fave fiction stories) is you're bound to meet one that will resonate you. And sometimes you're get to see yourself in the very thing that you read. Like a sticky note in the office that tells you to remember. To not forget. Well, that happened to me and I felt conflicted with the experience. I don't wanna see myself in the stories I read and it's better that way. I don't really crave a representation of myself in what I read. I honestly prefer if I don't see 

Mainstream? Indie? The popularity of…

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I don't try to hide this ever, actually, I'm very vocal about enjoying your stuff your way, that's always been my forever motto when it comes to my entertainment, especially reading. The genre, demographics, or even the popularity don't bother me one bit. It is always about my enjoyment. But I noticed this often from people's talk, and it is discouraging that some feel superior about their tastes. Why some people look down on other choices because they tend to like simple stuff or assuming they're just riding the bandwagon, regardless, their choice is always theirs. It is popular for 

Kind and compassionate FMCs. The…

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I love strong female characters. I love how they stand strong physically, emotionally, and mentally in a society where most assume that they are weak and have no abilities to defend and to lead because of their (our) gender. It is a sight to behold when they prove their detractors wrong. It is why I often gravitate to characters who choose to fight amidst their circumstances. But being able to wield sword, shoot an arrow, or knock down enemies are not the only kind of strong. I think to remain compassionate and kind despite the situation is the type of 

I found it and I…

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I don't think I'm the only one who spare time in an activity where I look for new reads (even though I have like 124395047321 series on my TBR but I just need to have more, right? It's human instinct to be greedy, no? yes? idk?) But sometimes things get exciting while I'm scouring for new reads: when the story (+ art) hit me off quickly. Now that I think about it, a lot of the stuff I read are ones I found exactly the same way. Despite having ginormous albeit neglected TBR, I don't always utilize that list (but 

Must watch and must read…

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The anime community sure gonna agree with me on how awesome 2019 line up is!  There are so many good manga series getting anime adaptation that we all have been waiting for (I particularly keen to watch a lot shonen series + wishlist granted!!) and today I'll be sharing you list of anime and some books that I want to watch and read next year! But let's pedal back to this year first (before I gush out the awesomeness), I didn't watch a lot of series this 2018. I started a LOT though...but I only finished four...clumsily. But I think 

Twenty Eighteen’s Best of the…

2 years ago | filed under Feature
It's that time of year once again! I'm quite pleased with how my reading progress went this year. And unlike last year where it was kinda difficult process because of my very, very small pool of manga to pick! It was a happy struggle to know I have so many manga and webtoons to choose from because of how productive my 2018 is in terms of reading. So that's the good part, the downside of this all is my anime watching has completely throttled down. I didn't get to watch a lot... OK, like a total of four *hides in 

Out of sight, out of…

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Let’s put disclaimer first, shall we? This is not me complaining about authors (regardless of the reasons) or me being ice cold b*tch who could not fathom that health comes first! That’s not the topic. Personal all-around welfare of the authors comes first! Always!  It’s just me and how my feelings for the series gradually slid down after numerous hiatuses. And when it comes to series I immensely loved in the past, confessing that I don’t like as much as before is hard pill to swallow. I have read lots of manga throughout the years, some are too short, a 

Mediocre? Underrated? Like I care,…

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I do go mainstream. No scratch that, I tend to like very mainstream stuff… There’s a reason why they’re highly popular, there’s something that connects it easily to its audience. But once in a while, I find some awesome entertainment in the form of average kind of narrative. Nothing mind-blowing. Not really deep. It’s not even unconventional. It’s just a plain, plain story, and you know what, sometimes the simplicity of it makes it an ideal read for me. I’m the type of reader who scours the internet for her new reads. I rarely often get recommended (I’m the one 

About those fashionable (?) rose-tinted…

3 years ago | filed under Fiction
I asked before about defending your faves and also loving something you read despite the obvious flaws! Yes, I know and still acknowledge that not all my favorites are perfect, squeaky clean from plot holes! Just because it’s my faves does not mean I see nothing wrong with it!  It could be so flawed but I still loved it; and I find that beautiful in reading! You know those rose-colored glasses! Sunnies? Yeah, I don’t like to wear one (I mean the reading thing not the real one because rose-colored sunnies are sleek)! *clear throat* I don’t wanna be blinded 

2017 Statistics Report (and other…

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I come up with this feature when I was sorting out my throwback post last year. Although that statistic is not really based on actual numbers (because I didn’t have the time for that—actually, I just sort of forgot and I didn’t tabulate all the numbers I needed LOL failed there, self)  Anyhoo, this is just an estimate because even without the numbers I’m pretty sure about the things I read for the entire year (note: this stats/recap covers December 2016 – November 2017 since I wrote this in November). OK, let’s see how geekified I was this 2017! 2017: 

Onward Twenty Eighteen!

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When I was listing down the titles that I absolutely look forward to I got immediately overwhelmed! There. So. Many. Of. Them! Not that I’m complaining ‘cos the more the better, right? At least in this case, it’s true! There are tons of sequels from both old and new series that I’m currently following (manga-wise!) and I’m just super ecstatic that they’re coming this 2018 (which also makes me feel like 2018 will be good to me!) OK, I need to calm—sorry for being too giddy! I just can’t help it!! Ahoy~ here is the list! 2018 Anime I look