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  • 2016 / 07 / 08

    Mini Adventures in Asahiya Bookstore!

    Bookstores make me happy! Sure, I’m not the biggest novel/book fan as of right now but I still love reading. I lamented on twitter before how some people belittled graphic novel readers—as if it’s childish or fake reading (WTF is fake reading?!). I read it! I don’t just stare at the pictures and that’s it! Maybe they haven’t read a graphic novel like the literary monster that is Tokyo Ghoul! So I implore you to try a manga out (or—

  • 2016 / 07 / 05

    Mitchii’s Hong Kong Getaway!

    Cities like Hong Kong aren’t suited for lazy ass person like me. I don’t like walking.  Here in the Philippines we have every bit of transportation even for small distance travel (hence the crazy traffic!). So I got myself in a very exhausting trip. It felt like my feet were about to fall off from my legs. But first, let me backtrack of what made us (me and my younger sister) took this impromptu trip! Originally my sister asked my—