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Look what we have here! It's  2021, a brand new year & you know what's the best thing to do when the calendar refreshes to January 1 of a new year??? Yes, time to open those new planners and start filling it up! So today, I will share to you the start of my planner journey for 2021! I'm going to temporarily (?) say goodbye to journals & stick to what I'm most comfortable keeping—and that are planners!!! my very "personal" planner So, I mentioned somewhere here on blog that I said adieu to journals as they are a bit 

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My parents weird motivational speech was all about sibling comparison. "Look at your sister, look at your brother." But I always refuted it with the same speech, "I'm happy for them but I'm not them. I have ny own way." I don't necessarily get jealous, and even if I said it, majority of the times I only said it in jest. I don't like comparing myself and when it comes to my favorite past time, I do it my way too! I don't dig lesser known series because I want to be special.  I have so many popular series that 

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Said it plenty of times already but it bears repeating so here we go: when I started my blog all I wanted was an avenue for my random thoughts. I used to have mini blogs elsewhere before I settled down on livejournal until everyone made an exodus because of numerous problems roused ten years or so now. Instead of moving I created my online space. I also wanted it to be under the radar, while it was open to the public, I never really plugged it like I did with my other sites. I was simply just molding it as 

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As I get reacquainted with my old fandom, I’ve realized that I always never said goodbye to them. I might take a long break but to seal the lid permanently is not something I do when I feel that I wasn't completely over it. And I'm sentimental person, letting go is difficult. I don’t know maybe at the back of my mind I already knew that whatever I’m feeling right now is just temporary and closing doors isn’t the right thing to do. A break, I only say I’m taking a breaking. Never telling it’s over...until I know it really