Loving myself might be harder…

1 year ago | filed under Personal
Happy Valentines! 💖 Or for singles, Happy Single Awareness Day! 😗 I usually post about my fave reads or ramble on my all-time genre of choice—romance. But let me steer clear of fictional stories this year and focus of love in the real world; as the English translation of famous BTS song so keen to promote (hence the title)—SELF LOVE. 😁 We also need to focus on our well-being. Something I came in terms just lately. Self love is not about arrogance and selfishness. It encourage positive attitude towards one self. And positive mind is productive self! And that love, 

March: I’m riding the highs,…

2 years ago | filed under News
And there you have it, first quarter of 2019 is done! And now we're officially facing the second quarter of the year tomorrow. Getting anxious now? Me, well...surprisingly not yet (good news, yes??) but I'm excited for April because holidays! Yes, I've been waiting! Although I plan to use my time to do most of my pending tasks I keep putting on the back because bussyy~ but I am committed to do all my to-do list (resolutions/goals of 2019 sorry for waiting huhuhu) *pushes sleeves* よしゃあ! My monthly tune courtesy of Michelle Branch's I'm Feeling You. Anyways, March was pretty