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Learning new languages! The fun,…

3 years ago | filed under Personal
When I was wee bit younger I tried learning Japanese but I quit I said why do I need to learn it if there are people who will translate it for me?! It was a very bad decision!  Fast forward to recent years I’m now self-studying Japanese for the simple reason of wanting to read manga on my own. Yes, because I became passionately in love with reading! And I realized that there’s so many manga that never got translated (especially shoujo manga which I fiercely love) and that made me try learning Japanese. I live most of my life 

Dub or Sub? My take…

3 years ago | filed under Anime
Is this really the most debated question in the anime community? not sure, but it’s been asked few times already and people have given their opinion about it. But I think I haven’t (not in TL;DR format anyways) so here we are, giving you my two cents over this whole which do you prefer question! Now, if you ask me which I really, REALLY prefer?! Then I can honestly say that I prefer subbed version—not only it helps me get familiarize with Japanese words, I just feel like the voices are more appropriate to the character I imagined it be 

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

10 years ago | filed under Fiction
Title: Battle Royale Author: Koushun Takami Pages: 614 Rating: Oh man, I got one word for this book – sinister! Even if you combined Hunger Games and Divergent it wouldn’t match the intensity this book has. Not even one fourth. It’s not for everyone – I’m definitely sure of that, I mean there are parts (lots of ‘em) that bothers me (yes, mostly the gruesome parts). I even heard it was a cult book, whatever that is. Oh yeah, no summary this time! I know that I’m condemning the violence of Divergent just a while ago, but Divergent doesn’t need