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Mitchii’s adventure in Disneyland! Here’s…

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When I went to HK last 2016 with my sister, due to time & budget we didn't get to visit Disneyland! I said, if all aspects permit, I will def come back & visit what is dubbed as the happiest place on earth...or so they say! Well, I did enjoy this visit last year (before the whole pandemic put the world into a halt!) & I'm about reminisce my latest travel (a year after it happened;;; what can I say life happens & I'm just buried with laziness & procrastination). Because we had kids on tow in this trip, we 

This post is all about…

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Look what we have here! It's  2021, a brand new year & you know what's the best thing to do when the calendar refreshes to January 1 of a new year??? Yes, time to open those new planners and start filling it up! So today, I will share to you the start of my planner journey for 2021! I'm going to temporarily (?) say goodbye to journals & stick to what I'm most comfortable keeping—and that are planners!!! my very "personal" planner So, I mentioned somewhere here on blog that I said adieu to journals as they are a bit 

New Year means New List!…

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All in all, 2020 in terms of my goals, challenges & resolutions were pretty OK-ish. I'm giving it a passing grade regardless. Yes, as I said in this mid-year check that some were not really doable because of the pandemic, but I was able to do some so I think that counts? Biggest lesson learned this year (it has more weight now) every milestone I did this year I cherished it because our situation made me appreciate the little things more than ever. And as we greet the coming new year (with bit??? more anxiety than how I normal do 

No reading slumps for some…

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This was inspired by a tweet that I saw while mindlessly scrolling through twitter: it says that we don't need to feel guilty about not being in a mood to read, especially right now where everything's just uncertain. And I just realized I'm the opposite; that I haven't felt reading slump for the longest time. Maybe because—and more than ever—I need to withdraw from reality. And reading just gives me enough calm that I desperately need right now. If you're a regular here and read my monthly wrap-up, there was no month that I don't read. Well, there was last 

2020 Mid-Year Check Up! How’s…

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So it's that time again to share my goals & challenges progress. I think the situation right now is every bit of the reason why I fell short of my goals & resolutions for this year. I mean, have you heard of the news? Yeah, let's not go there in meantime, I'm stressed enough as it is (cue new pimple every other day!) But what we currently experiencing made me re-circuit my objectives and reasons. Instead of grander goals (well, my goals aren't that ~grand~ to begin with) but I learned to make short-term goals. What's with life lately is 

Anxiety et al. What do…

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It’s kinda ironic that now that I have more time to blog my motivation ain’t there. Ah, let me clarify that statement, my motivation to blog topics I normally share ain’t there. My thoughts are full of worry. My body is laced with anxiety. My GERD is acting up, on and off—which means I’m nervous than usual and this isn’t really good for my overall health. The news about the virus looming and the incapability of the government to respond adequately, sure ain’t gonna appease my overthinking mind. Then maybe it’s time for me to stop. Pull the breaks from 

Tranquility in time of Corona.…

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I have all stuff lined up for the month but life has another plan—for all of us! I just need to vent, I've been dumping on twitter with it & I want something more pieced together (well, more of a word vomit). The result was this post. Everyone knows about the ongoing health emergency literally plaguing the world. Drastic measures are happening; in where I live the capital is on "community quarantine;" travel to/from is heavily restricted. People are panic-buying stuff; well, just the upper-tier ones who have disposable income for next few weeks while metro is on lock-down. For 

New Year means New List!…

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I’m not sure how to assess my 2019 goals. There wasn’t a lack of trying although I wouldn’t say it was failure but I don’t consider it 100% success. 🙃 Sure, I’m almost done reading the entire Bible (props to me, guys!),I did save some, illustration practice was little shaky but I’m working when I have time (which I don’t have that much nowadays). But there are few that still need some work to do! But yeah, they’ll be part of my 2020 list. 😝 The thing is I’m still keen on trying even though the year is about to 

Feelin’ like I’m part of…

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This is kind an impromptu post. There was something I was hinting before (I only hint thing in an event that it won’t happen—although I was crossing my finger that it would push through but life don’t always work as you want ) but news came out last week and it was not the one I wanted. And I was super sad that it won’t happen earlier (it wasn’t all or nothing kind of thing—there are many more chances in the future) but man rejection does suck! You have rejection and you have learn how to deal with that and 

Ready or not, here I…

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I’m huge planner! I like to plan things ahead. I want everything perfect when it happens. I love the process of planning things. It excites me, it floors me with so many ideas. But I’m all planning. I fail at executing these ideas. Because I always say I’m not ready hence not doing anything until I’m ready. Because it’s not perfect yet therefore it isn’t the time to do it. And this kind of mindset impacted me in many ways. This is the reason I have huge battle against procrastination because I want to apply my ideas perfectly. And I 

2019 Mid-Year Check Up! How’s…

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Wowzers, we're six months into 2019! And that means I'm sharing my goals & challenges progress. It's something I started last year and I'm doing it again so I know how I'm doing so far. I feel like writing it down makes me more motivated and accomplished (no matter how little the progress, I revel on small victories y'know). And I'm all for keeping my motivation as much as I can.  Even though some of them aren't successful in terms of consistency, I'm still happy with whatever progress I made up to this point. It doesn't really deter me from 

Here are my Goals, Challenges,…

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I feel more accomplished despite not completely checking the things off of my list. I’m still very pleased that I actually made huge decisions and actually acted on them.  I always on the plan side, day dream about it that will get me excited but when the time it actually matters, I chicken out. But I swallowed my hugest fears. I've realized that failure to do it is worst than the actual failure of doing it. So when about to cower in fear, I just say the same mantra as Sakura “[simple_tooltip content='Translation: Everything will be alright']絶対大丈夫だよ[/simple_tooltip],” 'cos God’s guiding 

Is blogging a life changing…

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Life experience in the form of drastic changes? Not really, but in many ways I learned (and still learning) so much from blogging that I think sticking with it, writing my thoughts whenever the idea idea sparks is already a habit that is very hard to break!  I’m absolutely thankful that I chanced upon this hobby and I still making me happy in many ways I don’t even know how (and why!) When I officially started blogging publicly here on WordPress,  I only have one goal and I achieved it. I get to share my thoughts, and that makes me 

Time for my first monthly…

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Yes, January is over. Are your tripping over your resolutions like I am? Tell me guys, I’m feeling guilty here LOL. First month of the year, and it’s over?! Yes, yes, it’s officially February, meaning it’s the love month and I’m still the hopeless romantic who has not aged since! (age is just a number!). Well, January was a semi-productive month for me. I did some designing, then I did some reading, I even reviewed it. GR said I’m 3 books behind. The year is not starting the way I wanted… *sighs* ^^; I need to step up my game 

That 20 things ‘about me’…

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I saw Annie from Runaway Reader did this meme, and then followed by several bloggers and I think the questions are really interesting. And good excuse to share a bit about myself (which I rarely do since I’m very uncomfortable sharing bits and pieces of my personal life.) But here ya go! [*] denotes – pics above! * How tall are you? 5’2” or roughly 158cm (and to those who watched/read Haikyuu!, Nishinoya is taller than me *collapse on the floor and weeps*) Do you have a hidden talent and if so, what? Talent? Hmmm, let’s see, I think my