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Dunno about the latest trend?…

1 month ago | filed under Personal
I wrote before about how I am totally okay with FOMO (fear of missing out) and I talked about why I don't mind being in the dark when it comes to the latest trend and meme (especially the local ones, I'm so detached to popular things) but even though I'm not so much into it I'm totally fine, I don't feel like I'm missing out on something. And because I just got used to fangirling on my own, the feeling of being left out is not something I fear of! And just like I am with everything else, I just 

A loner? When you fangirl…

4 years ago | filed under Fiction
I’ve always been a loner! I’m one of those people with a book on hand with ear plugged with earbuds + volumes way up and I couldn’t be happier!  When you see me like this avoid me at all cost because that means I’m not up for some human interaction! Yeah, I love my alone time! Some people think that introvert people like me who highly values their alone time are miserable and lonely. They got that totally wrong, at least if you’re speaking to me, I’m debunking that idea of yours! I love my alone time and it’s totally