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It is not always love!…

3 weeks ago | filed under Fiction
From—as always—my super mouthful post title, I'm gonna tl;dr about the ups and down of reading series. Even though I claimed something as "favorite" it doesn't necessarily mean that I love everything bits of it. Especially true for long series that I followed or currently following—sometimes, actually more frequent than I actually hope—there were points in the story that I felt meh, or worst bored and uninterested. It's favorite alright, but like jigsaw puzzle not all pieces are colorful but they are still part of the entire picture! I think this happened in almost all of the series I read 

Deathberries and Long Running Series…

5 years ago | filed under Graphic Novels
This is kinda an impromptu post not exactly part of what I had scheduled this month. But I promised myself that if Bleach finally ends, I’ll read the final chapter. I had no longer any interest to catch up with the manga (maybe just about my ship but this manifesto solved that for me) but I am curious on how Kubo will wrap-up his manga. I remember the glory days of this series, being hailed as the “big 3,” many years ago. But I moved on from that after I finally realized that this series no longer sustained the interest