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A love month special? No,…

3 months ago | filed under Fiction
February is love month, and last February 14 was Valentine's Day! And while we cherish the people we love—particularly everyone's partner in life—we tend to forgot to give major spotlight to other kinds of love stories! So, it's a perfect time to celebrate all kinds of love and not just the romantic ones! They are, for me, are extraordinary love stories too that is equally worth highlighting (and that's big coming from huge romantic junkie like me!) Whatever that is, maybe it's love for mother nature, family, friends, I also came to witness them through reading! Yes, I'm single but 

My favorite “Best Friends turn…

4 years ago | filed under Graphic Novels
I love best friends falling in love story! It’s my type of poison. When I read summaries with this plot, I automatically read it. I’m a big believer that friendship is a solid foundation of a good relationship! I love to see couples who don’t only treat their partners solely as their romantic interest but also a friend they can trust! So with that, stories like these make my heart melt and my being absorb! Let’s get into it! [column-third-1] 대새녀의 메이크업 이야기 [/column-third-1] [column-third-2] キケンマニア [/column-third-2] [column-third-3] 恋だの愛だの [/column-third-3] 대새녀의 메이크업 이야기 (Dolled Up)  – So far the girl