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  • 2017 / 05 / 10

    Our Singapore Holiday!

    Another country added on my travel visit! I don’t have my camera (it’s broken!), I don’t have any decent photo for a blog banner, but thanks PIXABAY, I had pretty one!) Last month, the entire fam went to Singapore! I’ve always wanted to check out Singapore, that rich country-island with amazing skyscrapers and creative architecture! You could say I’d been there  during my very quick layover when I returned from Australia! But all I saw was their airport, so now—

  • 2015 / 12 / 07

    Mitchii’s mini adventures in Kinokuniya!

    I knew from the very beginning of that dropping by Kinokuniya was a must! I googled where it is located and I made sure to spare few moments to visit it. Luckily KLCC, a huge mall in KL is located a few blocks from where we stayed. I told my mom and sis that I wanted to check out the store which they generously obliged. Me and my youngest sister were too gleeful to finally see it for ourselves. To—

  • 2015 / 12 / 06

    Mitchii’s Malaysian Escapades

    I’m not a travel enthusiast per se but I’m beginning to understand the appeal—on why people hop the earliest flight & travel around the globe. Despite my extreme motion sickness (as per my sister’s words “I’m very troublesome person to travel with,”) I don’t mind powering through just to get to my next destination and live other people’s culture, momentarily. I’m not from well-to-do family so traveling takes some time and some saving: our ways to make our trip happen.—