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It’s coping again & how…

3 months ago | filed under Personal
The pandemic was truly a life-changing event of colossal scale! And we all are coping in one way or another. I feel like all I’ve written in this blog this year was primarily me trying to survive this pandemic with my mental health intact in the best way I can. Sadly, it’s not just me, millions of people are adjusting and it’s not an easy task. So, we find our different unique ways to cope! I think one aspect of my life that taken a big brunt is my mental health. I’m doing various ways to ease my anxiety & 

Those bookish playlists.

5 years ago | filed under Feature
[caption id="attachment_10040" align="aligncenter" width="680"] How about some music to spice up your bookish fix?[/caption] I told you guys before that I finally acquired the skill of listening to music while reading. If I’m reading a book I want my ears plugged with the volume somewhat high (particularly if I’m reading in public places, though that’s very rare thing for me to do). I want to mask the noise through music. I also listen to music while I’m designing/coding. I think I heard before that listening to music stimulates brain function. And oh boy, do I need my everything when I 

Music and Reading ♫

6 years ago | filed under Fiction
I used to be this person that can’t listen to music while reading. I tend to sing along with the song currently playing leaving the book I’m reading unattended, and in worst case, I’ll put the book down and belt my lungs out. I’m a frustrated singer what can I say. I can be easily distracted that’s why I find nighttime to be most ideal time to read. It’s quiet and I can concentrate on what I’m reading. But recently, I finally managed to conquer this little obstacle. I can now listen to music while reading. I heard some readers