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Blogging in between RL stuff…

3 years ago | filed under Blogger
Let start this post with bold (overuse) statement: I love blogging, so I always make time. I need to make time. It's one of the things I'm so passionate about that's why I never viewed it as chore despite my busyness.  I make time for it 'cos I enjoy it. From brainstorming for post ideas, writing the content, maybe in the future taking photos for my blog & redesigning my blog (not soon, still love this one to bits!!) Everything I do that regards to my blog gives me immense joy, so I just want to do it even in 

June: what did I say…

3 years ago | filed under News
So June? June is pretty hectic, tiring, and few but major changes (more like straightening out my *beep*). But you know me, I'd rather put the details under a wrap (here's to my failed pun!!) Well, June is almost over and I'm still thinking how the heck that happened so quickly (like always). Now with July coming in it means half a year is officially over and that always mind blowing! I swear the "ber" months is fast approaching & it's making me all anxious!! (but what's new??) But overall June went pretty solid for me. New things came, and 

How closely should fiction mirror…

6 years ago | filed under Fiction
This is such an unpopular opinion but I’m not really that disappointed with stories I read that doesn’t closely mirror real life, even for contemporary stories. For someone who views reading as a form of escape, I’d rather not see too much similarities. I don’t know, I always have thick line between what’s real life and what’s fiction. So no, I don’t believe in everything I read but I know which ones to enjoy, regardless. It does not mean I don’t need some doses of realism on the stories I read. Sometimes I crave those kinds because those elements make 

Special: #Aussietrip2013

8 years ago | filed under Travel
Ok, so I decided and post something about my trip to Australia last summer (summer here in the Philippines is April to May. And we only have two seasons: wet and dry season). It’s my first ever trip outside of the Philippines. And yes, my first to ride an airplane. Actually I have motion sickness, I hate travelling that’s why I always have medicine with me when I travel. But some odd reason, I didn’t get sick at all. In fact, I was so fascinated and I even look down to see those tiny islands of my country. Another thing,