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Mid-Year Check Up! How’s the…

3 years ago | filed under Personal
I was pretty satisfied with my goals, resolutions, and challenges for 2018! I have so many things I wanted to accomplish this year. Some I'm conquering with ease, while some I'm still struggling at best! But I guess I still have half a year to make those things happen! Like people say, it ain’t too late until you make it so! Or never say never! So despite all the ups and downs, I think I’m still all up for the task! I think my year opened pretty well for me!  I was so busy when January came (despite all the 

Integrating Bible Lessons into my…

3 years ago | filed under Personal
If you read this post one of my challenges/resolutions for 2018 is to have mini bible study every day. I've been wanting to do this since June or July (or probably much later) but in the end I got lazy (seriously there's a reason why sloth is one of the seven cardinal sins...) But because I want to start the year right, or to be more precise I want to better myself this coming year, that I want to solidify this aspect of my life. My spiritual life. This isn't about religion, and that itself is not bad, but again, 

My Goals, Challenges & Resolutions…

3 years ago | filed under Personal
The list of things I want to do in 2017 is very small and very modest & yet I still failed in like, half of them. Well, I managed to re-read books so that’s pretty fine and dandy (ETA: reread not read... *sobs* I've corrected!). I didn’t get to do my sketch note because I’m just lazy and my drawing sucks…hmmm, what else, of course money hahahahahahaha (I’ll explained it below).  I did learn Korean but I need to study more, more, more!! The friendlier and outgoing has tossed out of the window because not only did I renamed, I