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2 weeks ago | filed under Personal
Look what we have here! It's  2021, a brand new year & you know what's the best thing to do when the calendar refreshes to January 1 of a new year??? Yes, time to open those new planners and start filling it up! So today, I will share to you the start of my planner journey for 2021! I'm going to temporarily (?) say goodbye to journals & stick to what I'm most comfortable keeping—and that are planners!!! my very "personal" planner So, I mentioned somewhere here on blog that I said adieu to journals as they are a bit 

Reading before going to bed:…

3 years ago | filed under Fiction
Ever since I became a reader, I spent my wee hours of the night on my bed with something to read (an actual print copy, my e-reader, or my phone containing the things (manga, webtoons!) That’s how I want to spent the hours before I sleep. I want to read! I’m an insomniac ever since I was a kid (oh boy, I remember when I was just this tiny little 7 year-old creature, I was so anxious if I couldn’t sleep after bedtime, even just few minutes after it I immediately panicked! I was so scared of not having enough 

How do I find the…

3 years ago | filed under Blogger
Before I was this ATM (at-the-moment) blogger. Back when I was only reviewing books I tend to write review then hit publish. That’s it no fancy schmancy stuff I do prior to it (well except for the obvious that’s reading the book!) Then I branched out a little, went on writing stuff of my own not just reviews. But same things were applied; I wrote it the moment the idea hatched. Yeah, I’m spontaneous! #truekween  But my blog transitioned yet again and for some reason I became more polished an organized than before. I’m not letting my blog inconsistently produce 

Blogger Session: Some behind the…

4 years ago | filed under Blogger
My blogging routine was never really complex to begin with. And now that I have resorted to scheduling my posts, it became easier than ever! I don’t have to cram to write reviews anymore! I don’t have to read so many books (sometimes by force!), or think of being left behind by my ARCs. I rid of all the things that give me pressure. I read the hell I want! Those old thoughts are not a welcome presence in my new blogging niche! And right now, I feel like breathing! But I’m not super stiff type of person but I