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How about making the love…

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Being shoujo fanatic (more like romance genre enthusiast and again it bears repeating) I've seen romance stories developed in various ways. One was too quick for comfort. Others had so little development. Some were slow burn romances (and I liked it). But one there's one thing common in them: we all know who the love interest is. And sometimes I find the predictability unchallenging. I know romance stories are not just about relationships, characters are important too. But what if it's reverse harem? I know that in stories it is imperative to establish characters (even the side characters). Even if 

Sparks Fly! What I consider…

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It was Valentine's Day last Thursday, and continuing my love fest posts for the lurve month, here's another one, that maybe invaluable to your life, but I need to speak up (like majority, if not, all of my posts) Allow me to explain my favorite swoon worthy moments. Actually, what do I consider swoon worthy moments. Kiss? Confession? Amusement park date? Yeah, I'm gonna do the full deets. *excited* I think I've said before that I'm not into grand gestures. I dig the subtle hints. I feel those little  moments far more special. Maybe that's the reason I like slow 

How Many Love Interests Are…

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Love triangles are my game. I love being conflicted over which one to ship! Sometimes I selected team and root him til the series end. It's just so fun, even though I know it's huge emotional investment (I had times that my heart got broken over sunken ships. Yes, looking at you Toba my bb!! ) But there is something more extreme that I also have bit of tendencies. Any guesses? No? Oh well, if the title isn't obvious enough I kinda dig the whole reverse harem thing. Otome game-esque romance? Boys, boys, boys? Yes! Yes! Yes! Reverse Harem can 

Do I really ship in…

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To frequent visitors or those who have followed me for quite some time now you know this topic is coming (‘cos it’s the month yo~!) And for those not in the know—hello there! I’m Mitchii  and I’m a big shipper! *clears throat* Now that I’ve stated that fact, I’m about to, yes, talk about my shipping tendencies! I was told that I ship too hard and too much?! I will wholeheartedly admit about being a hard shipper but too much? Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH SHIPPING??! I guess shipping wise that ‘excessive’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary 

From Team A to Team…

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Alright, another shipping topic for y’all! But let’s do something grimmer LMAO nah, but it isn’t positive like my other posts are! So I’m gonna talk about abandoned ships, you know those couple or ships that we rooted so hard but kinda feel meh as the story continues or you find yourself switching to another love interest that made you abandoned the said ships? Have you? Have I? *ponders* I think I had!! While writing this blog post I racked my brains off if I found myself abandoning my original ship then switched sides…but it’s very, very rare! I’m usually 

I think I’ll be perpetually…

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I think “romance” genre is overly saturated; there are just so many of them already. But it is the genre of my comfort reads and I love reading it. I don’t shy away from confessing my undying love for shoujo manga—which mostly are romance stories!  Also josei! And even if I’m reading shonen or seinen sometimes I do ship couples in there as well! There’s something uplifting about shipping and seeing these characters affection grows throughout the story is something I really like to read (though don’t asky my thoughts about relationship in real life context…it’s quite radical!) Of course, 

I often suffer from second…

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Let’s start this post with I love love triangles to bits! Yes, yes, I know I’m being weird again and you probably now questioning my sanity as to why I love frustrating myself by getting into this kinda of love spectacle! Well I love drama and I already tried asking myself as to what I have gotten into again! But I’m the proverbial moth to a flame! I sometimes burned, but sometimes not. But often times…yeah.  In love triangle sometimes the main love interest is pretty obvious. He’s the first one to get introduced, the first man the female MC 

When your OTP becomes canon!

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You know me, I never hid my persona as a hard-core shipper! And being one makes me all too protective of my ships, but that said I still set boundaries. But I still can’t help being a passionate shipper. I confessed how sometimes shipping & my OTPs clouded my judgment and take a huge part of my enjoyment over the stories I read and watch. And while I don’t participate on shipping war aggressively, in my little own secluded fangirl world I triumphed over my ships being canon! It feels great to know that the couple you invested tons of 

What is it like to…

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You know its official when Wikipedia has page for the term. So the scenario is you read a book. Fortunately or unfortunately it has romance and there were two characters that were giving you all these kinda of romantic feels. You have that strong desire; that colossal wish that they’ll end up together. So much that you can’t get it out of your head & you start searching the web for more information. And then you stumbled across sites where people talking about it and realized there’s a fandom that exist and they also feel exactly the way you do.