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All the Loveable Heroines I’m…

1 year ago | filed under Fiction
I made some posts about my adorable boys before, now it's time to give spotlight to my #queens! 👑 I love my heroines, they give me all the emotional whiplash and the ultimate fangirl reaction when they are paired up with the boys I root them with! Of course it isn't all about romance. I also fall in love with their characters singularly. And that's why they deserve this shout-out! So dear female heroines, who are dense in love (before) like Kyoko (スキップ・ビート!) & Yona (暁のヨナ); (who finally realized that the men around them are completely in love with them), 

Best of the Best 2016!

4 years ago | filed under Anime, Feature
Last year (the time when my blog was experiencing some sort of identity crisis ), I temporarily replaced this feature of mine to “Fave Picks From this Mix” because I still did some book reading last year and I was in a sort of a limbo of how should I label everything. But I finally sorted it out and I think my original feature objective still fit the idea (not without alteration!) that I was concocting for this year. And even if books make their way again in this blog it wouldn’t be too hard to categorize them anymore! Although 

They’re doing a pretty good…

5 years ago | filed under Anime, Graphic Novels
The thing about reading manga & watching anime is how they make what seems to be at first simple but can be a lot more interesting and complicated. They set the bar high so to speak. Like for example, toys can be used as weapon, or what might consider by some such a meek task can be an explosive kind of event. I’m always fascinated with how they play on ideas very differently, something that even I couldn’t imagine (but then again my imagination is not on par with those genius mangakas). And so I decided to make homage to 

Mitchii’s Malaysian Escapades

5 years ago | filed under Travel
I’m not a travel enthusiast per se but I’m beginning to understand the appeal—on why people hop the earliest flight & travel around the globe. Despite my extreme motion sickness (as per my sister’s words “I’m very troublesome person to travel with,”) I don’t mind powering through just to get to my next destination and live other people’s culture, momentarily. I’m not from well-to-do family so traveling takes some time and some saving: our ways to make our trip happen. My sister planned for our Malaysia getaway (which I’m very thankful for) and we went there last week. Malaysia is