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Ever since I started this yearly recap seven years ago, I consistently called it "throwback" but for this year specifically, I don't think it's an apt name because of what went down. So for my 2020 yearly-end special, I will call it "reflection." Yeah, there are so much I pondered this year. There were many things I was able to take time processing, reeling in. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who had moments of weakness & almost mentally broke down because of the pandemic and stress of the new life we are trekking. 'Cos who would have 

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Woo! *wipes sweat* We're now at 365 out of 365 of 2019, and few hours before the year completely ends.  Not only we're entering the new year but also a brand new decade! To me, 2020 sounds kinda...intimidating! 💦 Obviously, my mindset was in a different place when I welcomed 2010—which was btw very eventful! Nostalgic of my young naive days, she was hopeful but a bundle of nerves. But the me now is different. Now, I think I'm a little bit wiser. 😇 I want to sort things out for my future. And there are still so many things 

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[simple_tooltip content='This is the content for the tooltip bubble']This triggers the tooltip[/simple_tooltip] Can you believe it? 2018 is ending in a few days. And so it's time to reflect how the year went (for me). For starters, I think 2018 has some of the best ups and downs of recent memory (happy to say more ups) and with that I'm very thankful (even though I’ve never expected to cry this much in front of the same person while asserting myself of what I wanted). In turn, I have learned so much about myself this year. I learned to trust myself 

The forgotten blogiversary…and why?

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Hey you, yes you! I've got a secret to tell: my book blog (which has morphed into what it is now) was created in October, but this blog started way before that! I installed Wordpress in July of 2010…I started Skye Station in July! I talked about the drama (both TV and life LOL) anime, manga and sometimes books…But when books begun to dominate the content of what supposed to be my personal blog, I’ve decided to trash everything and make a book review blog. And that was why I honor October as the date of my blogging anniversary! I 

Twenty Seventeen: A Throwback!

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Honestly, I don’t know how to describe 2017,  on one hand there were memorable things that happened, on the other there were some not-so-fun as well! If last year was meh, this year is ‘dunno’! Yeah, like I’m not sure what to think of it but it’ll be terrible if I say 2017 sucks because like I said there were good things that happened! BUT!!! Even though the not-so-good kinda outweighed the good ones in my memory, I’m still optimistic with the year ahead! I guess, I felt super anxious about 2017 when it came last year that I kinda 

2015: A throwback!

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2015 was a blast! I have accomplished things, acquired new hobbies, then made bold changes (which I’ll explain briefly later). I think if I were to concise this year into one word, it’ll be eventful. Yes, that’s right that was what I felt for 2015. And that’s a great thing. I’m so happy that I’m always blessed with great things. God never falters. Thank You! Let’s start recapping yo~. Trending Topics of 2015! Breaking some stereotypes!, In which I discuss the Reader’s Bill of Right!, In which I talked a bit about my fannish pet peeves., The thing about clichés—, 

Nostalgia hit me!

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[caption id="attachment_8820" align="aligncenter" width="540"] I share a bit of my old designs (two of my favorite Aeropaper’s blog design) and wee bit of my internet and web design history. Yes, just a glimpse if I write it down it will be TL;DR and you wouldn’t want that.[/caption] I guess it was a week ago or so, I’m sorting my files when I noticed all those caps I saved (shame some were lost). It’s kinda nostalgic to see my designs. I spent hours on those; created out of pure passion of making sites and the subject it was about. I believe