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  • 2018 / 08 / 16

    One Story, different interpretations! Our ways of reading.

    I’ve heard, more like read it from somewhere, if I remember correctly from an author, that once they published the story it’s not in their hands anymore. It’s now in their readers. And those same readers have all the rights to see the story that way they understand it. Is this always true? Is it all about our interpretation now? How about the author’s intended purpose? I’ve always been a believer of reading as personal journey. It is something you—

  • 2018 / 01 / 26

    I also buy the manga for the omakes?!

    You know how huge of an advocate I am with supporting your fave mangaka and fave manga? Yes? If you love it go and buy it; I know internationally there’s gray area we all playing around *coughs* fan translation *coughs*  but when it comes to the heart of the matter, support is necessary even if you simply think of it as a form of appreciation to wonderful story you have read! But I will let you into a secret of—

  • 2014 / 10 / 13

    The sky is blue. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    It was a lovely Friday, last week, for Tokyo Ghoul fan like me. I was bombed with truckload of feels when I received not just one but three amazing news. If I wasn’t completely obvious I’m HUGE TG fan. So yeah, I’m one of those sad fans who wept to the sudden demise of TG last month. Oh, what an agony it was to find out that the series you’d been looking forward every week was ending. A sad, harsh—

  • 2014 / 10 / 04

    This world is wrong.

    I think I also wanted to share to y’all my beloved recent obsession. A series that smacked me with awesomeness over and over again. One that is just too brilliant that I need the proper platform and the proper words to describe the amazing ride that is this story. Are you ready? Ladies and gents, I present to you TOKYO GHOUL by Sui Ishida. In my entire otaku experience, I have never read something so amazing, it always leave dumbfounded.—

  • 2014 / 09 / 29

    A wrap-up: Tokyo Ghoul Anime.

    Ok, as promise, here’s my final say about the Tokyo Ghoul anime. I’m still lamenting over the sudden ending and still hoping for the sequel, with my fingers now crooked from perpetual crossing. I just hope something good came out of this. I’m still positive that there’s something in store for us…at least something. I think, everything has been said about the anime and manga comparison. It was rushed, butchered and heavily censored. I also complained about it, week after—

  • 2014 / 09 / 13

    To end TG hastily is a tragedy.

    I was about to type my series wrap-up since summer anime series are now ending. But I was totally shocked when I open my RSS reader and the very first entry I saw has this title: Tokyo Ghoul Manga to End This Month. I might have double check if my eyes were deceiving me. My eyesight is poor. But there is that word, manga, and I now I’m ugly sobbing the whole way. I know the anime is ending but—

  • 2014 / 09 / 11

    Re: Shounen Manga Shout-outs! #1

    As promised (who did I promise to? Ah, never mind.) Here’s my shout-out for the shounen series I follow. Lots of plot twist and reveals just happened. I’m only highlighting the four series I do follow (I think I mentioned it already before). For weekly series: Naruto, Haikyuu!, Tokyo Ghoul and Gintama (and might have mentioned Shingeki at the last bit). There’s going to be lot of rambling, as Kishimoto once again is pulling my leg with this annoying, frustrating—

  • 2014 / 07 / 26

    Tokyo Ghoul Ep. 4: where things are rushed.

    If I watched Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 without any knowledge of the manga, I would have been probably still gleeful like I was when I watched the first episode of the anime. It has the spunk so to speak. But having read the manga and saw how fast-paced and different the order of events and of course the alteration of some details, one is to worry for succeeding episodes. It means that it’s likely to move this way for the—

  • 2014 / 07 / 16

    I’m going to devour Tokyo Ghoul! (my initial reaction)

    I’ve been eyeing Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-) ever since I saw the summer anime list. There’s something about that creepy mask that spoke to me (ok, that sounds really, well, creepy *chuckles*). Everyone has been raving about it and here I was fidgeting in the corner because I’m afraid to start a series that my gut feeling is telling that I will love it but stopping herself for the reason that she’ll end up frustrated because she needs to wait weekly. Well,—