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Getting older and growing old…

2 months ago | filed under Fiction
Hitting the mid-30s soon makes me sweat buckets! 💦💦💦 But I'm not about to lament how I'm getting older 👵 faster than the response to this pandemic (oopsie?) anyhoo, I already felt grandma old since I was in my mid to late twenties but my 30s feel more stable than my chaotic young adult life. In fact, my hobbies and interest has stabilize now that I'm older...and I guess, wiser? I'm watching anime since...I knew about TV? so maybe all my life? I remember my oldest sister anticipating her favorite anime called "Candy Candy" in the early 90s—which I think 

Do you outgrow your reading…

4 years ago | filed under Anime, Fiction
So do you? Actually my topic is broader; it caters to our fannish tastes (not just reading choices)! Like have you tried reading/watching an old series remembering it so fondly because of your emotional attachment, then only to find out that the sparks you and this series shared was long gone. It was nothing more than fleeting entertainment now—sometimes an embarrassing fangirl moment you want to deny (OK that was extreme; I’m not in that point yet!) Well not really embarrassing but sometimes I go back to old series & realized I now don’t feel the same way like before.