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  • 2019 / 02 / 16

    Sparks Fly! What I consider swoon worthy moments!

    It was Valentine’s Day last Thursday, and continuing my love fest posts for the lurve month, here’s another one, that maybe invaluable to your life, but I need to speak up (like majority, if not, all of my posts) Allow me to explain my favorite swoon worthy moments. Actually, what do I consider swoon worthy moments. Kiss? Confession? Amusement park date? Yeah, I’m gonna do the full deets. *excited* I think I’ve said before that I’m not into grand gestures.—

  • 2018 / 09 / 10

    Skipping Ahead: the pros and cons of not reading everything from the start!

    Ain’t quitting ‘til it’s over! At least that’s my mantra when it comes to starting a new series (or before books). I’m very forgiving ‘cos if possible I always want to finish what I started. And even though reading can be very, very unpredictable (bad reads, y’know~) it’s just that the happy vibes of starting a new story just overwhelms me more than dreading that it’s  gonna be bad (if the synopsis hinted me already cause sometimes I just read—

  • 2018 / 08 / 12

    He’s popular than the main character! MC who??

    I’m such a fan of main character, and that’s reasonable, and of course obvious, because I’m reading the story where the focus is on the protagonist. It’s very inevitable not to fall for the MC and all the circumstances that he’s involved in. But there are times when supposed secondary character is trying to steal someone’s thunder. Rare but not impossible. Let’s start of with my recent favorite 僕のヒーローアカデミア you know Bakugou? Yes, that foul mouthed brat who just likes—

  • 2018 / 06 / 08

    Reading before going to bed: the pros + cons!

    Ever since I became a reader, I spent my wee hours of the night on my bed with something to read (an actual print copy, my e-reader, or my phone containing the things (manga, webtoons!) That’s how I want to spent the hours before I sleep. I want to read! I’m an insomniac ever since I was a kid (oh boy, I remember when I was just this tiny little 7 year-old creature, I was so anxious if I couldn’t—

  • 2017 / 11 / 23

    The Equally Important “Side” Characters

    When it comes down to it, my favorite characters are always the main leads. They’re the protagonist for a reason; and it’s very rare that I fell hard (like super into it) for the rest of the characters of the story. But even though I don’t put ’em in my non-existent hall of famers, I find that these characters are equally important to the grand scheme of things. I remember sometimes when I read a novel; there is always lack—

  • 2017 / 11 / 14

    How I choose my OTP/s (do I actually choose it?)

    When it comes to shipping I’m the girl to ask! OK, not really because I tend to be very erratic when it comes to my OTPs. Although certain tropes helped mold the ‘one’ I must say that when the pairing hit me so hard, it just hit me so hard—solid heart-racing feels that is! Do I need to emphasize how notorious shipper I am? I think I have written tons of spazzing about my woes and foes as one.  Also—

  • 2017 / 05 / 14

    My favorite “Best Friends turn Lovers” GNs!

    I love best friends falling in love story! It’s my type of poison. When I read summaries with this plot, I automatically read it. I’m a big believer that friendship is a solid foundation of a good relationship! I love to see couples who don’t only treat their partners solely as their romantic interest but also a friend they can trust! So with that, stories like these make my heart melt and my being absorb! Let’s get into it! 대새녀의—

  • 2017 / 05 / 02

    What’s On My Reading List?

    There’s an evidently decreased with my reading list last April! With my new schedule, some personal endeavors and that travel trip I was little to no mood to do some new reading! But nonetheless I still read. I think I was giving myself some favor actually, that I stop scouring currently new ongoing series added to my trove because last month I did some reorganizing with my current reads and filed at google drive, and I’m absolutely aghast on how—

  • 2017 / 03 / 26

    On Spotlight: 우리사이느은 (Our Relationship Is)

    On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too! It’s gonna be webtoons series for the next couple of months, I’m telling you know. I’m so obsessed with them right now, and it helps—

  • 2017 / 02 / 25

    On Spotlight: 나의 빛나는 세계

    On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too! I’m excited to share to you my undying love for this series called My Beautiful World (나의 빛나는 세계 )—a Korean webtoon created by Maru—

  • 2016 / 09 / 13

    The Great Webtoon Rec Posts!

    So get your pen and paper ready because it’s another great rec post from moi again! Ah~ I loved giving recs! I love shoving beautiful pieces of different literary forms in people faces! And the satisfaction I get when people said they liked— loved even, on the things I rec is so blissful! I’ve done too many shoujo/ josei recs to count! And I’m still preparing for my great shonen one (yeah, get ready for that one!) but let’s go—

  • 2016 / 01 / 17

    In which Mitchii find herself in another obsession.

    I touched the unknown ground called webcomic/toon—the very same place the snob, manga elitist Mitchii of before avoided like a plague. I like the traditional look that manga or the usual black and white pages I’ve grown accustomed to better; and forgive me manhwa lovers I just don’t like the art style (of course there’s an exemption to this rule because I do love the art of Goong and Bride of the Water God but those messy hairstyles, eccentric fashion—